Posts Written On January 2008

I Collect People

boys in particular…girls that are spectacular
ones who are close to their fathers, who love their mothers
those who are the responsible eldest, the playful youngest, the mediating libra or the independent only child.
my collection of people, like stamps or coins, are diverse in orgin and worth…
my interests and hobbies vary far and wide, so its not difficult to have something in common with me on some level or another… i will meet u half way.
Over 3000 views on my blog yet only 31 comments as of yet… what does that mean? that the world is curious but are hesitant (or terrified) to be traceable?  I heard once that the key to creativity is how good you are at hiding your sources.. um


What a Life

Life is beautiful and it should be thought of as such. My passion is stories. I want to you know your story, tell my story and create new ones with character flaws and animal characters who speak. Back downtown today after snowboarding, dinners and birthdays. Getting back into the swing of things so to speak. Cant wait…


First day of 2008

hiiiiiiiiiii myspace ppl! first of all happy NEW YEAR!! and again in a month of so for all my chinese firends for the LUNAR new year…. this is gonna be a big year for me.. im turning 24 which is the year of the rat in CHINESE calendar… very significant and it means the sun shines brighter for me and the winds on my back this yr! hope big things will be poppin in 2008… i have decided i am not going to cut my hair for ONE YEAR.  Do u think i can do it…. i am going to try i want to grow my hair long and i have been saying that for a long time. so what better to mark this occassion than jan 1. 😀

today i had peking duck with my family. it was simply delicious i love asian cuisine and i love eating and cooking and baking.. soo much!

i know a talk so much about love and relationships & i think for this year. this month.. .i am going to put that LAST on my priority of things to DO.

..ahem.. new goals for me:
1. pay rent on time
2. have extra money
3. dont buy anymore clothes shoes or anything til march 22. spring equinox
4. put away $ for jacob doggy emergency fund
5. make at least 50$ every single day
each month and monitor myspending and net profits
6. organize my life
7. paint a wall
8. kiss 3 people a month
9. hug 5 ppl a day
10. write emails to people in detail
11. look hot everyday seriously i think ppl get unmotivated but life is better for a good looking person so i will do that. yep!