Posts Written On July 2008

T10 for Fun

Hi Everyone!! we are looking for facebook junkies and music lovers to try out a brand new bluetooth MP3 Player and help us spread some online BUZZ about the t10!!

You must be 18-28

live in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver

Blog and/or totally online savvy…

See if you qualify!!

Click Here to take survey


Gatien Nation – CIRCA

Peter Gatien doesn’t expect you in sequins or Armani…

but he does want you to dress SMART and FUN!!

Toronto welcomes Circa with open arms!

Get ready to see what they have in store for you!!

Lots of lots of photos!!

Click to read more!

You know that dress you have or that hat

you love or those shoes you dont know

where you can ever wear it to…

Wear it to CIRCA!!

Fashionistas, get ready to BRING IT ON!

This club is where anything goes..

S&M, Glitz and Glam, Feathers, Boots,

Leather, Metal, short shorts, high high heels,

sunglasses, cocktail rings, ballerina roller skates..


Anything GOES! Circa opens this Friday,

bring your very very amazing outfits and

get ready with your smiley face!

Circa is the new adult playground.. so come play!

Artist Colin Star with his Circa Mural of the weird world of fetish, glam rock collage and the animated eyes.

uh oh… you know what signs like that mean!

Girl’s bathroom with makeup artist on site… wow

washroom bar! shaped like a toilet…

any dj’s dream!

bottle service area… but that’s not all!

This is the ULTRA VIP AREA! It hoovers above the dance floor and people allowed in..

ummm Madonna, 50Cent, Paris..

etc you have to be somebody to be in the fish bowl!

Bedroom Lounge… they did it right this time! Cozy and cozy..

22 fathom above sea level is… Toronto!

This room is ahoy captain…

the 22 fathom bar with scuba girls

and a hammerhead shark!

Here is another look… walking the plank!

gimme more more more!

sensa bar! touch me!4 storeys.. walk up the stairs.. walk down the stairs…

Did you know..

one of the owners of SKYY vodka

is a total film buff and has one of

the largest collections of movies

and film! Thus.. the SKYY Vodka Cinema Room…

ready for screenings 9-11pm every Friday in the calendar!

check out the wall of vodka!!

fun fun patrol

applause to kidrobot’s paul budnitz & the legendary peter gatien!



Courthouse on Adelaide and Church transforms into a club each and every Saturday night… with live to air from CHUM fm! Here are photos from the launch party of Liberty Group!