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    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    I was lucky enough to get prescreening passes from my girl Max last night for Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchette’s movie, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button – a movie from a 1922 story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This movie has been nominated for 5 Golden Globes and slew of other awards! Classified as ‎Drama/Scifi/Fantasy/Romance‎ – it has something for everyone. This movie was 2 hours and 45 mins. Overall the story, acting and costume and makeup were superb! Funny parts about the man struck by lightning 7 times provides comedic relief – a beautiful love story with many colorful characters that make you look at life in many different…

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    Hussy Diaries

    Wanna know the thoughts of a Brazen Hussy? Now you can heremimi brazen hussy