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Looking for the Grown & Sexy Caribana Weekend???

After we jump up in the sun at the Caribana Parade the ladies of heydoyou will be enjoying the evening at Chic Chinoise and are inviting all of you to come!!!

Not ur average Caribana party and sold out 2 years in a row, Gown & Sexy will be exactly that complete with fashion show, Caribana boutique & Toronto’s A-list clientele.

Hosted by Mark Sparks (former Calvin Klein Man-of-Steel)

Co-Hosted by Mr. Caribbean Canada 2008

Co-Starring Mr. Phantastik

Music by Agile (2009 Stylus DJ Award Winner)
Find ticket information below:

Caribana Essentials: PARTY TIME!!

So it’s that time again. Every one’s running around getting their “fit” for this weekend, others are trying to decide on which events to go to. There’s sooooo many that it’s really hard to narrow it down, but the following events are looking pretty damn good!

Event #1

Ever since I moved here, I always hear about how “Toronto does it big”…. I’ve come to learn that doing “it big” means a variety of things. Whether it be your unmatched effortless “swag”, or how many people you’re rolling with, how many bottles you’re popping etc. Granted you’ll have a few that use that phrase/statement loosely, but that post’s for another day. lol

Amongst those that just say that their “doing it big”, there are those that are really DOING IT BIG”… So it’s only right the first event I bring to your attention for this Caribana Weekend be…


MAXAMUS ENTERTAINMENT presents Little X’s 8th Annual Caribana Event. This event will be hosted by none other than Little X, starring Big Boi from Outkast and Young Dro.

Music will be provided by:
NYC’s, DJ Cipha Sounds
Skimpy Boy
DJ Wikked
Fyah Kid Steenie

11 Polson Street
Polson Pier (Formerly the docks)

Enforced dress code: SEXY, COOL, & CLEAN
Admission: $40 advance Tickets. If you don’t have tickets click here

Check out the official “Bigness” Evite here!

To view ticket outlets click here
For more info visit:

Event #2:

“make sure you step your fashion game up and come correct!” this brings us to the next Caribana event…

WELCOME: To Toronto: To Caribana: To the Life

One of the most talked about ladies in the industry Ms. Amber Rose and friends, will be hosting WELCOME, this Friday at Level+Suite 106+ Wetbar: 102-106 Peter Street

Amber Rose
Future the Prince
Other celebrity friends t.b.a

Music provided by:
Future the Prince
Dj John J
Black Reaction
Dj Capone
Dj Spoonz
Infinity Sound

Dress code:
Ladies AND Gents… “show Ms Rose that flyness exists in TO!”

With a capacity for 2500+ this is gonna be HUGE!! There’s THREE levels at this event! Who doesn’t like variety!!!

Early bird tickets are in stores now for $25, $30 Regular, and more will be sold at the door. (I’ve been to Spexxx’s events, don’t wait to buy tickets at the door! The line-up is retarded by 11pm! Trust me. Get your tickets now, and GO EARLY!!

For ticket locations click here

Event #3

For the ladies….

“Beautiful Women… Classy Venue… DJ Lissa Monet… Where else do you want to be?”

Cum Play With Me

This Saturday August 1st, the people that brought you “Beautiful Desire” and “Live Your Dream” present, “Cum Play With Me” at Toika Lounge:471 Richmond Street.

Oh and IT’S FREE BEFORE 11, $10 on guest list, and $15 all night after. A Caribana party that’s free before 11??? Do the math.

For more info, email:

Event #4

And last but definitely not least, this Sunday August 2nd; Wayne Warner will be bringing together “Toronto’s quintessential Tastemakers in celebration of Caribana 2009” at…

TASTEMAKERS: Hennessy Caribana “Lifestyle” Edition

HENNESSY Proudly Presents: TASTEMAKERS: A Party For Those Who Shape the Flavour of the World! this weekend at THIS IS LONDON: 364 Richmond St W @ Peter

This party is said to be for “those who set rather than follow trends. A crowd pleaser without being a crowd seeker. Someone who is ready for today, and plans for tomorrow. Exudes positive energy and knows what time it is without looking at their watch!”

Advance Tickets on Sale now for $35, get them early!!

For more info contact 416-279-0100 or email

Peep the full event details here

Look out for Belvedere Vodka Presents: Mr. Warner’s AWWA Summer Boat Cruise on August 16th!!!

Dress code: “Strict Upscale Dress code catering to the sophisticated nightlife connoisseur…”

So there you have it guys, pick your poison!!



Tix Giveaway!!!

That’s right!!! I have two tickets to Ontario’s largest music festival of 2009; 1000 Islands Music Festival this August 13th, 14th and 15th!!! Tickets include access to the camping area.

Tickets are first come, first served so get at me A.S.A.P!!
You don’t want to miss this event!

It’s the one and only S-N double O-P, D-O double G!!!

I know you love these guys!!

this event is going to be off the CHAIN!!


Look out for heydoyou’s recap of 1000 Islands this August!



Shoutouts to E1 Ent!!


Ponyo the goldfish princess who longs to be human, I can relate

Ponyo (pronounced Pond-Yo) is the cutest movie that is coming out AUGUST 14 from Disney. I am so very excited because I am a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki(Spirited Away)! The girl looks just like the little girl May from Totoro, which my mom swears is me. So I guess I can be Ponyo too. The movie came out last year in Japanese and will be coming out this year in english. The voice cast includes Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett and a whole slew of young Hollywood.

The film tells the story of a baby goldfish named Ponyo (voiced by Noah Cyrus) who desires to be a human, and gets her wish. She runs away from her home in the sea and befriends a five-year-old human boy named Sosuke (Frankie Jonas). Other cast members include Tina Fey, Cloris Leachman, Liam Neeson, Lily Tomlin and Betty White.

Watch the trailer:

I think I kinda look like her, what do you think?


iSkin Vibes FX

You know you are a fashionista when you just simply have to personalize and accessorize everything you own. For those of you know who about me and Blackberries – you know that it’s a love – hate relationship. I love them and they make my life so much easier but I have also been careless and lost.. um .. 6 of them this year 🙁 Anyway… I am with T-Mobile now with my Blackberry Curve and I am determine to put in the work to make this one stay!

To show my Blackberry that this time it’s gonna be different and I really am going to try, I even got him a brand spanking new Vibes FX case from iSkin. The case is super snug and not like those wobbly silicon ones. There truly is a premium look and feel with this… loves it. You can get it for the Blackberry Javelin, Bold and Storm – so far. They come in 4 different colors and I think I have to rename my Blackberry GrapeJelly starting.. Today!
You can get iSkin products at any Apple store, Target and of course