PCC Flea Market

Every first Sunday of the month, the Pasadena City College has a huge flea market with over 450 vendors. They are spread through out the parking lot, and even in the underground parking garage. They have a lot of antiques, vintage and assorted knick knacks. Some would say trash, some would say treasures. For me, I love things with stories and meanings. How often do we keep nostalgic items like faded movie tickets or that one necklace or old belt you just love. Going to a place like this made me think about consumerism and how many things we go through in life. To buy, to have, to discard. Such is life.

LP’s vs. Mp3’s

Ferragamo pumps πŸ™‚

Vintage Ferragamo

nasty see-thru Jordans πŸ™


Hey DJs! Remember hauling crates to the club?

Garage sale -type goodies

I use to have one of these wicker strollers for my doll πŸ˜‰

Old Hollywood Glam

Seashore goodies

Kind of love these. These are great for DIY projects!

Tons of tons of scarves

lots of people came out to see how far they can stretch their buck

If you are in town, on the first Sunday of the month and you are up for a little bit of treasure hunting – you should definitely check this out!
What are your thoughts about flea markets and garage sales?
What’s the best thing you ever found at one of these bazaars?