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    All I want for Christmas!!

    “Inspired by the exotic health and beauty spas of Europe, the AromaSteam steam sauna provides the ideal setting for sumptuous steam treatments, stimulation aromatherapy, regenerating skin care, and leisurely relaxation…” “You’ll leave every session feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.” Well not ALL but it’s a start! ha ha ha.I thought this was really cool, especially because I JUST LOVE using the Sauna! After the gym, this is where you’ll find me 🙂 It’s the perfect ending to a workout… I’ve never understood people who use the sauna before a workout, but hey… do you!Life would be grand (ALMOST) if I just had one of these bad boys! It’s portable, fits…

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    All Black Everything

    It’s no secret that I love my shoes 🙂 I usually only wear brown boots and just have this thing against black. But lastly it’s been all black everything! I just got these in Vegas… the ALDO CASSETTY over-the-knee black leather boots for $170.and the week before that I got the Vince Camuto Gordon Booties from Lowemanns for $70! and those are the only 2 pairs of shoes I got since I moved to LA… Well no that’s a lie I also got these Steve Madden purple ruffle pumps ^_^. But 3 for 3 months.. that not bad right? Just in time to head back to Toronto for the Petite…