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    Meet SMVC!

    “When most kids their age were riffling through college textbooks and figuring out the path of least resistance towards some sort of stable income, these small town boys were riffling through their parents record collections, studying the messy emotion-fuelled rock of Pavement and the fuzzy post-rock discography of Sonic Youth, dreaming of ways they could marry it all together” Sandman Viper Command are Audio Blood’s newest addition to their already AWESOME roster of artists; four best friends Rob Janson, Aaron Harvey, Dan Reardon, and Matt Meyer make up this ambitiously named group. In the beginning, they locked themselves up for days in their parents’ basements practicing and refining demos; only…

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    Red Carpet Room

    All the buzz around Red Carpet Room is totally amazing. I was so happy to get this email today featuring one of my favorite Camera Ready Femmes!  She is definitely a favorite here at HeyDoYou. I heart Meghan and so should you. I first met Megs when we worked together at the Stylus DJ Awards, Kinder Bueno Bars x Town Shoes and a whole slew of amazing promos. Deniz, Shay, Meghan presenting the Stylus DJ Awards THE INSIDER: MEGHAN HEFFERN A rising Canadian talent, Meghan Heffern is no stranger to the big or small screen. She recently was featured alongside Liam Neeson in Atom Egoyan’s newest work “Chloe,” which premiered…

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    In the Biz: Chivas Skincare

    Lauren Johanson is the co-founder of Chivas Skincare – a free-trade skin care line that’s made from goat’s milk!  This company is the brainchild of Lauren + her mom + goat milk soap. Chivas is the Spanish word for… Goat! As a part of our entreprenuership class at FiDM, we always have guestspeaker that are inspiring – sometimes with the simplest stories. Lauren’s mom made these soaps and sent it to her when she was in college as a part of a care package. She and her friends loved it and soon after a few years of globetrotting, Lauren and her mom launched this business. Lauren says, when you are…

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    Red Hot Makeup

    Tiffany demo-ing the makeup! Went to Hollywood multi level night spot KRESS to celebrate the new launch of Red Hot Makeup.  The venue is amazing! Look at the art on the wall… This line is the Professional Makeup For Naughty Girls (Caution: May Attract Naughty Boys). We put on your bad girl lashes and big girl shoes to play with make-up, eat red velvet cake and dance the night away. FIDM Beauty’s Rebecca + Caitie Woo REDHOTMAKEUP.COM + redhot’s Facebook