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Video♥: HeyDoYou x NOCTURNAL

Check out my one-on-one with Gabe, Founder and CEO of NOCTURNAL Mobile!

It was super fun times, however; next time I gotta have a few bobby pins on hand, cause I had this CRAZY fly away!! But whatevs, minor details, I’ll be straight next time 🙂
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Marc Ecko Muse – Lyndsay Lohan

This is by-FAR one of the most incredible advertising approaches I’ve ever seen… After studying Advertising for three years at Sheridan, I developed a weird interest in new, odd & … advertising methods and Marc Ecko’s newest campaign has definitely caught my attention.

A holographic Lyndsay Lohan literally enters the room via your web cam!!! Augmented Reality (AR) web technology creates a “multi-dimensional, interactive experience” using a GLYPH marking (tracking code). This GLYPH mark has been printed on all of Marc Ecko Cut & Sew 2010 marketing material including look books, catalogues & the campaign website. Once logged on to the site & the GLYPH mark is flashed in front of a webcam… the ‘digital muse’ (Lohan) appears as a holographic advertisement!!! CRAZYYY!!!!

Ecko built this campaign based on the theory that humans have 8 advanced emotions such as, trust, fear, love and expanded on it… when the user clicks on one of these emotions the hologram of Lyndsay Lohan appears and acts out that emotion. I’m gonna get into it & see if I can make this work, so stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted within the next week.

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