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    Venus Santos

    Miss Venus Santos is a lady of many talents. Her latest venture… a motorcycle chic jewelry line full of leather, matte beads and lacy racy models. J’adore. Fashion, accessories and beauty are all ingrained in our hearts! If you think you can do it, do it…. Can’t wait to see the next collections. xo See more http://www.venussantos.com *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    (NY) One of a Kind Art Show

                                   I got a chance to go to the One of a Kind Show yesterday and saw all kinds of delightful things!  This artshow happens in 4 cities every year and is the #1 destination to discover new artists and get unique presents for the holidays. If you haven’t been you most definitely should go! New York Date: Toronto Date: Vancouver Date:   The Chicago Show is Dec 2-5 Show History Similar to most brilliant ideas, the One of a Kind Show was born out of a simple desire for something more. Premiering at Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Building in December 1975, the “craft show” was the brainchild of Steven Levy, Martin Rumack…

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    (NY) Mysterious Guy #3

    Hey Mr Volleyball player, you are just my type. You got on the A train, just as self conscious as you are hot. I know your type.  Your socks and flipflops attire tell me your such a ‘serious athlete’ and you just really don’t care. I know you are coming from your game cuz you opened your bag twice to take out the volleyball and look for stuff in your bag. Volleyball You and your V-neck T and hoodie, I think we would just be perfect together. I know you are a serious guy… about certain things. You got off at Union Square but only to wait for the Brooklyn bound…

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    (NY) Cutler Hair Model

    I love it when I get to be a hair model. You are cut by top notch hair students and I went to Cutler to get this shag trimmed up.  Here is my ‘before’: It is just so hard to grow your hair long… that awkward stage, I just cannot deal with it.  and then…Here is what it looks like 1 week later 🙂 Loves! *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    (T.O.): Don’t sh*t where you…

    Great customer service rocks my world, so I go a little crazy when I witness even the smallest parts that make up great customer service (What can I say, I’m majoring in Hospitality). Today I worked with a guy that’s a favorite amongst the customers and the staff; he chats with everyone that comes in, I swear he’s always smiling; simply put, he’s very personable! Anyway at the beginning of his shift he realizes his shirt has the word “shit” on the back of it; as you know that’s unacceptable in most work environments, so what does he do? He tapes over the word “shit”. Me? Super impressed. Lol “Don’t sh*t…

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