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    My Cougar Boots

    Let me know what you think here *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    (NY) Bubble Guy

    I was walking around last week and I saw this amazingness at Union Square. Such a simple gesture but so inspirational and appropriate to those sensitive enough to notice. I am always looking for a sign. I was feeling exceptionally unsure about what New York holds for me and what I should be doing. But when I saw this man, I realized what I have known all along and maybe kind of forgot momentarily. People tell you to be safe, have a plan B and ask yourself 100 x if you are sure when you already knew from the get go that you were. I think it take only 5…

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    Shay’s Feel-Good Anthem

    HAD to share this one with you guys, I literally just found it on youtube… single, married, somewhere in between… this track just makes you feel good! Ne-Yo done did it AGAIN!!! Video courtesy of youtube and vevoxoxo *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Ring a Ling

    I always thought that department stores sold really bland and boring generic stuff. While I was on Facebook that little side box suggested I check out ShopNBC. To my surprise, it was actually really cool with giveaways and a bunch of updates. When I went to their actual site, I was blown away by their jewelry section. I’m absolutely in love with their selection of gold jewelry, especially their rings! The blend of chunky gems and gold shine just worked so well together. Since it is online and not everything is as nice as it seems, I read the reviews on the 14k gold citrine ring.  I love my Citrine……