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    Day 4

    All the gifts I bought this year was from Etsy! I always support local 😉 Join the Movement *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Follow – @WeddingSalon

    So many wedding events are happening and what’s a better way to see the lastest and greating in everything bridal? A tradeshow of course!  Here are the upcoming Wedding Salon dates and places. I am definitely going to check out the April show in NY with my mom and sis! What do I want to see at bridal tradeshows? I want to know about wedding cakes, scrapbooking ideas and of course FOOD.  Attending Wedding Salon will help brides meet with vendors, photographers, get great ideas for their wedding and connect with other brides. I am going to help my sister as much as possible so she doesn’t turn into a Bridezilla! My sister’s wedding will…

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    :Random Thought

    I just watched The Social Network… I know, it’s been out FOREVER! Never mind the fact that i’m watching it bootleg via Playstation 3. I’ve been too busy working on making my millions then to watch another man prove how he made his billions. Biggest contributor to his success is… the fact that he knew he could be successful. Thoughts?! What did this make me think? How did it make me feel?! First thought is that sometimes there’s nothing wrong with not being as “smart/cool” as ‘them guys’. Alot of disfunctionality in all of the intelligence = making me nervous. Just because you go to the best school/have the best…

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    (NY) Shecky’s

    Shecky’s has a well-earned reputation for knowing what girls like, and for being able to give it to them the way they like it. Go to a Shecky’s event in any city where one is being held and you’ll find all the stuff we girls crave – clothes, jewelry, handbags, makeup, candles and perfume, and maybe even some naughty toys to enjoy with our significant others. This week’s Holiday Night Out – being held through tomorrow at the Altman Building in Chelsea – is no different (except that, unfortunately, it’s sold out, unless you want to try getting a ticket from someone who can’t go, and they often post messages on…