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    Day 7

    It lurks in the shadows in the bottom of drawers It’s been there so long you forgot it was yours Well instead of hoarding for collector’s sake Giving to the needy would feel 10x as great So pack up last year’s fashion and this year’s woolies Pack them in boxes and put those on pullies Give what you can (spring for a little more) Help the less fortunate stay extra warm *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    (NY) Beauty + Essex

    The perfect spot for armcandy and rockstars. I went to this secret 20’s speakeasy-esque resto this weekend. Beauty & Essex is the love child of Chris Santos of The Stanton Social, the design firm AvroKo, Peter Kane of Happy Endings, and one of the co-founders of Tao and  Lavo clubs.   For this special occassion, I debuted my lippie ‘Ain’t No Wifey’… What do you think? It’s a ginormous 10,000 square foot restaurant, bar, & lounge that uses a pawn shop as a front. The ambiance is everything one would expect from such a ingenious combination: trendy, sophisticated, sleek and A-list worthy.  The bathrooms were complete with a complimentary champagne bar…

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    Suzanne Pease

    If you are like every other New Yorker and has a wardrobe that consists of ‘All Black Everything’ here is a great designer who will complement your outfit with one piece of statement jewelry.  Suzanne Pease is a jewelry design based in New Jersey and I saw her breathtaking pieces at the One of a Kind Show last month. Here is my favorite. via http://www.suzannepease.com/ *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    I love H.I..M

    H.I.M is an acronym for highly interesting men for the purposes of this post 🙂  New York is full of ‘interesting’ people and it’s really funny how once you like one thing about them, there is a trickle down effect and you just keep liking them. I walked down the street today and say a sign that says Betray the Usual. My sentiment exactly. Introducing the first of the series! If my theories about life is correct, what you want, wants you too! I will never admit that I have a type but… I love H.I.M!  Follow @GommiArcade Who: Malcolm Phipps Why: Brand Liaison, Consultant, Producer, Fashion Stylist/Image Director, Writer/Blogger What: Stay ready, so you…