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    (TO) Lincoln Rising Event

    In the prime of his life and promising career as an actor, personal trainer and martial artist; Lincoln J. Russell learned that he was about to face a physical challenge unlike any he had encountered before. Today, this multi-diciplined artist is fighting an uphill battle for mobility and physical independence. Lincoln was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP). The effects of CIDP on the body is devastating. CIDP strips the cells of their protective Myelin sheath, which results in extreme pain, loss of nerve sensation and finally loss of physical independence. Lincoln is fiercely committed to regaining his Physical mobility and independence and although…

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    What’s My Name – UK

    X-Factor, a UK singing talent search brought by ‘Idol’s Simon Cowell, is coming to North America!!! I’ve been a fan for the past 2 years since Alexandra Burke won the season, but (since coming home) I’ve been catching up on this year’s winner, Matt Cardle, and in doing so I found Ms. Rhi Rhi’s performance on the finale… here she is! xo *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    (T.O.) Au Naturel update

    The pretty flowers are from H&M and are about $2-4 each. It’s been 7 months since I’ve had any kind of chemical treatments done to my hair, and 3 months of no heatstyling whatsoever. Just some tlc, natural oils, and a good trim and conditioning routine. Gone are the days of spending hours and HOURS at the beauty salon 🙂 Though it took some time, embracing the kink is the best thing I’ve ever done for my hair 🙂 I always have my hair in protective twists, so I love when I can wear it out! Throw a couple flowers in there, and I’m good to go 🙂  Hope you…