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    (T.O) Resolutions

    The holiday season is complete and now it’s time to really reflect on yourself and how to make yourself better for next year. This year I know I grew up a lot and went through alot of roller coaster rides. Break ups and make ups and a lot of drama with friends, I ended up staying to the side and just spending the holiday season with the people that mean the most to me- my family. I know that sounds corny and what not, but I had one of the funnest holiday seasons ever. Next year I plan to bring even more bad girl swag to everything, and plan to…

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    (NY) Blizzard

    After living on the West Coast for over a year, I was so excited for this huge NY first snowstorm of the year. There was thunder, lightning and piles of snow! Stay warm everyone… staying warm with my Cougar boots Mom at Herald Sq! *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*