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    There is a real niche market for big dog clothes. Yes some dogs dress for fashion but for dogs like Jacob – he really needs it for warmth!  With hardly any belly on his hair, he needs to stay warm enough to stay outside long enough to get the daily exercise he needs. I have a coat I got for him at Chilly Dogs last year and he doesn’t like it. It’s because his own fur gets stuck on the inner fleece and then its very itchy for him the next time he wears it. So I invert it for him right now but we are still looking for that…

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    (T.O.) Are you serious??

    Lol she looks so grossed out! I saw this in the paper, as I was leaving work a few days ago. The story was about a girl who found a LIVE maggot in her Caramilk bar. Seriously?! Because I don’t eat dairy anymore, I haven’t had chocolate in a long time, but I used to LOVE chocolate! Which kind of makes me wonder what I’ve ingested in the past…*face palm* I’ve never been a caramilk fan but this is totally gross! While people wonder about how they got the caramel inside the chocolate, I wanna know why they decided to add maggots to the recipe! Make sure you watch what you’re eating…peace,…

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    (T.O.) New Years Resolution

    I’m all about Toronto artists. I truly do believe that we have a talented city. Whether it’s music, creative arts, or dance Toronto is the place to be for this. So January 6th, 2011 – make sure you come out to support some of Toronto’s finest in the hip hop game.   LADIES FREE before 11:30pm!!!!$4 TEQUILA shots before 11:30!!! –[ Charlie Murphy ]–Feel free to listen to the: Charlie Murphy Mixtape  –[ Harr1s aka H1 ]–Check out: Harr1s –[ Tre Leji ]– Check out: Tre Leji Also Dj James Redi will be spinning…..  Hope to see everyone there….  Check out the Facebook Invite    xo Tanya  *HeyDoYou is for…

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    (T.O) My New Year’s Resolution for 2011

    #1 Stop being a LAZY ACTOR! ´╗┐After graduating from Theatre school over 3 yrs ago, I’ve been working steadily in my field. Whether it was workshopping a play, doing a fringe/summerworks show, teaching workshops or touring, I was working. I am very grateful for that, believe me I am. I’ve been able to survive in this industry and pay my bills with the help of a Joe job of course. I know a lot of people who graduate theatre school and end up switching fields, because it was hard to make a living or they couldn’t find work. So your probably thinking “how are you being lazy, if you’ve been working?” Well, I’ve been working steadily for 3yrs with the same theatre company. I don’t…

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