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Yvonne Kai Beauty

Since I posted about the dangers of parabens that’s found in everyday makeup – I have started to put together my makeup line starting with 3 lippies.  The talented and beautiful EGR drew this for me…and she will be involved with the branding and package design of the products to come!  

A lippie is a  A menage of a lipgloss, lipstain and lipstick… Because this is a natural product, make sure you shake it really well before you use it! The official launch will be this summer but here are some of the pieces I’m starting with….You can get a sneak peek here.  Let me know what you think!

10:10, LewKee’d, Ain’t no Wifey Lippies

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(T.O.) GBC Art…Eat it!

Yesterday while getting my schedule set up, I noticed that there was lots of art on display all over the Hospitality Building at George Brown College. Then I noticed these big chocolate balls… naturally I had to go over and find out what was going on.

This is how I discovered the George Brown College “Almost Edible” exhibition. Fine Arts students at the college were asked to present their take on the old saying “art imitates life”. The exhibition features works that represent the look, feel and taste of food.

The exhibit came out of an assignment in which students were asked to depict the taste of a particular food by evoking memories associated with that food. These art pieces were inspired by a range of foods, for example fruits, veggies, pastries, beverages etc. In total there are 32 abstract paintings and 12 sculptures on display.

this actually looks like you could eat it… maybe
looks kinda yummy
I don’t get it…

What do you think? Do they look like they could be edible?

peace, love and health
ps: Happy back to school for all my students!
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(T.O) Being Erica – Such a Good show!

Looking for a good show to watch? I suggests you tune into Being Erica, it’s great Canadian TV.  Being a Torontonian actress I believe in the importance of supporting Canadian content on TV, especially when it’s good. This show is so popular and well liked, the Americans want to have their own version of it! Yup ABC is going to try and remake this show, the key word being ‘TRY’ lol. I don’t think anything is going to beat the original.

For those who haven’t seen the show here’s a quick rundown. “Being Erica” is about a woman (Erin Karpluck) who gets the opportunity to travel back in time and fix her past mistakes, with the help of the ever so mysterious therapist Dr. Tom (Michael Riley). It’s an interesting premise right?  If only that could happen in real life. Ultimately the show is about learning from your past mistakes and moving on.

“Being Erica” just finished it’s third season. I’m hoping it returns for a 4th. Bring back this internationally popular show, before they take it from us completely. And continue to create work for Canadian actors like myself. Come on CBC!

Watch online episodes of Being Erica here. It also airs on Soapnet.

Tash xo

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(SPBR) Ani + 8

I once had dinner with someone but stopped talkin got him he said he would only get one from a breeder or pet store. When I asked him why he said he thinks rescue dogs are ‘scraggly’ and people who buy/wear vintage are ‘disgusted’. I don’t have to tell you how that date ended. Rescue dogs are happy, loving, dedicated, loyal and exactly my cup of tea.
Ani here was rescued from a North Carolina KILL shelter. She was fostered in Syracuse NY and here is her story…
This lil mama had 8 puppies and will love you more than butter on toast. She is beautiful and her babies are assorted like holiday chocolates… See them all here
. Ani and her 8 puppies are waiting for their lovely forever homes.. See all their little faces here!
Can’t get a dog? Find out how you can still help on
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