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    Flats et Heels for 2011

    One of the most unique designs for Spring/Summer 2011! Melissa has teamed up with Italian architect, Gaetano Pesce to create this versatile ankle boot. Features hollow circles connected only by their edges in which the consumer can customize by cutting the plastic discs off however you want. Get creative and cut them high or low. Into a peep-toe, sling-back, ballerina flats, or even into a sandal. Add your personal style by even decorating them! ‘This design proves itself to be highly innovative in every sense following his trademark modular design.’  You can customize them! The newest Melissa shoes!  You guys all know how much of a die hard heels fan…

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    Losing a Few

    My New Year’s Resolution, as usual, is to lose a few pounds. I tell myself I’m going to change my eating habits when the year begins and I stick to it for a while then completely forget. Throughout the year I’ll get back on track but then I lose it again. This year I decided I’m going to give myself simple rules and regulations that’ll help me stick to my resolution without making me suffer through harsh diets or excessive exercise. I want to share with you a few out of the ordinary tips I’ve picked up from people over the years. Hopefully you’ll pick up a few of them…

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    (TO) His/Hers

    Stylish couples always have a way of turning heads the way rolling solo can’t. You better believe they got it. Couples that pray party together, stay together. HIS: Sergio Senatore – www.kleenmedia.ca HERS: Tran Smith – http://www.scenequeen.ca/ *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*