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    @RoyalLangnickel Brushes

    Continuing my IMATS haul, my absolute happiest and most exciting things I got are from @RoyalLangnickel 🙂 During their pre-IMATS media event, they shared with us lots about their new brushes and brush sets (which you can read about in my previous post about them.) In our lovely goody bags, they gave us the best gifts ever. Best thing you could ever give a makeup enthusiast… A GORGEOUS BRUSH SET! After they raved about their amazing new brushes made of  high quality natural and synthetic hairs, they gave us each a brush set of our own 🙂 All 11 brushes that came in the set come from their new pro…

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    Support @YaleFox new Project :)

    ABOUT THIS PROJECT For the past 10 years I have been intimately involved with the Nightclub industry. As a touring DJ, I could easily get behind the velvet rope where society’s elite flock to. These are real nightclubs, not bars, or dance clubs. A nightclub does not sell alcohol, it sells sex and social status. My project is a hybrid eBook meets documentary. Unlike traditional books which read left to right, this one also reads up and down. It’s highly interactive and the book asks questions and leads you towards the conclusion. There’s different ways you can go through the book, almost like a “choose your own adventure” story. It also…

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    In the Biz: Connor Bernstein @kitsforkids

    16 year old who started Kits of Kids in 2004 for the love of having fun with science! What a great concept and gift idea. City you live in: Chapel Hill, NC If there was a theme song in your life, it would be: Ambling Alp by Yeasayer What is the best advice you can give to kids who want to do what u do: Follow your passion – don’t let others discourage you. Even though it’s not all fun and games, you’ll be so glad you did! You’ll get a lot of advice along the way, sometimes from places you wouldn’t expect. It really can be overwhelming, but take it with…

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