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    Sparkle Bright Products Jewelry Cleaner

    Give your jewelry new life by simply cleaning it! If you have ever been to tradeshows and fairs, you know that jewelry cleaning demos are the best. I have tried all kinds but my favorite is the all new, reformulated PINK Bottle called Sparkle Bright. http://www.sparklebright.net/  

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    Horrible Bosses

    For everyone who tried to see Harry Potter this weekend and couldn’t found another gem by accident… Horrible Bosses!  So funny and simple, this movie has me cracking up, screaming and laughing the whole time.  Each character was so distinct and unique that you will be sure to connect with at least 1 scenario. This movie really gave a chance for the actors to play someone different and have fun with it!. Go see it and have a great time ^_^ I give it 5 outta 5!

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    New Kreayshawn

    LOL… between the FIDM mention, the Spice Girls reference… what’s not to love. Can’t wait for the vid! @Kreayshawn aka Kreayshawn. 1. What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, When I was in the 2nd grade me & this girl got in trouble for telling the teacher we wanted to be strippers when we grow up.. LOL! But, as far as I can remember I always wanted to be a Host/DJ on the radio. 2. If you had a magic lamp what would be your 3 wishes? My first wish would be to spread understanding throughout the whole world. My second wish would be some kinda…

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    Sentimental Sunday: Friends With Benefits

    I can’t count how many times people have asked me, “Can you be just friends with someone you’re sleeping with?” My answer is a solid ‘no.’ What kind of friend limits your chill-time to a few hours in the bedroom? You’re not really friends if you’re sharing only one part of your life. There are no lines drawn in friendships. You’re in a full-fledged relationship once you jump in the sheets. Admit it, already! Justin Timberlake is definitely one of the biggest players in the game. From Britney Spears, Jessica Biel, Olivia Wilde and Cameron Diaz, he’s got some experiences to share. The most common problem is choosing the wrong…