• Toronto

    iSkin solo is back!

    iSkin has redesigned its solo series of cases to look, work and fit even better and they added a new special edition to the line-up. The classic solo for iPhone 4 is slim-fit, with bold colors and fit to provide top of the class protection. Check them out at iSkin.com/newarrivals.     For those who prefer a case that is protective and has a sleek look. xoxo Kaycee

  • New York

    Sagz Jeans

    Do you love the look of sagging pants but can’t get quite the right ratio of boxers-to-jeans when you need it most? Then you, my friend, need…Sagz! Oh yes, this is a real product. Over at Yahoo! Shine, they’ve discovered Sagz Jeans, a denim invention that comes with built-in boxers that let you control how low you go. “Consumers can ‘sag’ their jeans at different levels without having to constantly pull up their pants, resulting in more time to be active, express themselves and show their SWAG,” their website explains. Because, um, nothing says “rebellious fashion streak” quite like ponying up $100 to fake the perfect sag? Check out the commercial (and I…

  • WorldWide

    Check This Out – Page One

    Working at an almost 30 year old publishing firm, this trailer went through the office and has evoked many, manyyy opinions. Page One is the limitedly screened film about the ‘goings on’ during one year at The New York Times, when print editorial first met its biggest threat… online mass media. Check the trailer below, i’m dying to catch this film. As mentioned, several people at my office were able to view a screening and definitely came back with plenty to talk about. Produced by Magnolia Pictures of Ong Bak & I’m Still Here, the Joaquin Phoenix moc-umentary.xoxo.  

  • New York

    Mystery Guy #13

    On the 7 all the way to Flushing, I saw this lil man. He is definitely mystery guy worthy. He is, afterall, only 3 years old. He is sagging his jeans low and his diapers are showing. How adorable. What kinda man are you going to grow up to be? By the year 2020, you will be only 12 years old. Wow. Only time will tell.