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    Drink @Raawfoods

    Florida juice company is really shaking up the drink world with their veggie + fruit smoothie shakes! From inception, Raw Foods International has looked for a means to attract consumers who are looking for deliciously natural alternatives when seeking a beverage from their local store shelf. With this in mind, great tasting, deliciusly natural quality fruit and vegetable juice blends were created and it Tastes RAAW® Juices contain no artificial coloring or flavoring, no added sugar and no preservatives. In addition, each product is Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher and are Non-GMO verified. RAAW® Juices carry all the necessary attributes of healthy, natural, great tasting and altogether good-for-you products that today’s…

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    @MadMen_AMC Recap: At The Codfish Ball

    Megan’s (Jessica Pare) already proving herself to be a very magnetic little vixen, but she’s somehow making a statement in the office regardless of all the attention Don (Jon Hamm) keeps hogging. She saves the Heinz deal over dinner by throwing in her pitch on a human canon-ball. But of course, it’s a classic Mad Men thing to do to get the parents involved when revealing more about a character. Megan’s definitely a papa’s boy and knows how to make a man crumble by over-stepping all female competition (including her own mother). Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) has her own special dinner to attend to with her Brooklyn hubby Abe. Joan (Christina…

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    The Avenger

    Can’t wait to attend the press screening of the Avengers tomorrow 🙂 MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS cast members Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg and Cobie Smulders honor everyday heroes from New York’s finest, first responsders from the NYPD and NYFD and America’s best, service men and women from the army, navy, air force, marines and coast guard.

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    @NewYorkRedBulls on Saturday with @OfficialHenry14

    I went to New Jersey yesterday with the Fordham Alumni Club to check out the New York Red Bulls vs New England Revolution with the boys! Thierry Henry scored his league-leading ninth goal in the seventh minute, then went down with what appeared to be a serious hamstring injury 15 minutes later, leading the New York Red Bulls to a 1-0 victory over the New England Revolution on Saturday. Wishing Henry a speedy recovery!

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    MORE from @LotusLeafStyle #PressDays

    More goodness from Cocoa Jewelry, Dr. Martens, Manitobah Mukluks, PKG, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, BB Dakota, Roxanne Nikki and MORE! Love this by Roxanne Nikki One gets thirsty looking at all goodies that one can’t have lol Cupcakes make it all better 🙂 Hope you all had a lovely weekend. ♥Bella♥

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    DermaQuest K-Q10 Rich Moisturizer

    My mom is not a big fan of makeup but she is definitely a skincare fanatic.  I know that Asian women spend a whole ton of time on their face and skin is #1 on their list.  A glowing soft complexion free of blemish, large pores and scars is the most desirable.  Back in the day, baby skin means you weren’t out in the fields working and because you stay indoors, your skin is virtually perfect.  This mentality of course is not practical for 2012! Skin regenerates the most when you are sleeping so a great moisturizer is the most important. DermaQuest K-Q10 Rich Moisturizer utilizes powerful antioxidants and natural exfoliators…

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