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    Post-ing just got 10x Cuter -@suckuk

    Bringing you the latest in the most adorable post-it notes that’ll make you go post-ing crazy! These Mega Silly Notes are brought to you from across the pond- in England (I have a soft spot for the British 🙂 ) From elephants to dinosaurs and rockets and palm trees- these silly notes bring a smile to everyone’s face! It can lighten a mood, or simply keep you entertained at the office ( I know it did for me…).  I carried these around with me and it did not take long before my friends and family we’re asking to snag a few. No one can resist! Another cute treat: This key chain-bottle opener…

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    A Touch of Grey That Will Make Anyone Melt -@BariBeauty

    There is no denying that I have been hit with the latest obsession: 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Considering I have finished 2/3 of the series within two weeks times…I have it bad. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard Bari Cosmetics launched-Pure Ice’s 5 Shades of Grey! Just like Christian Grey had to get his hands on Ana Steele…I had to get my hands on these too. Introducing… With rather fitting names (in order): Risk Taker, Lightening Strikes, Beware, Silver Mercedes, and Kiss Me Here  The trick with this situation was trying to pick just one to wear…so just like Christian fixes all of Ana’s ordeals…

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    Dinner with @SkinnygirlCKTLS

    After the Skinny Girl event we went home with a lovely bottle of Skinny Girl Sangria, and last night I was in the mood to put it to work. The Sangria and the veggie burger are total match made in heaven. T’was delicious! peace and love ♥Bella♥ ps: If you didn’t see the event pics from the Skinny Girl event last month, you can see them here!

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    50 Calorie Mini Wraps from La Tortilla Factory

    This summer La Tortilla Factory is “Mini”-mizing the effort to eat light and fresh, with their new Smart & Delicious Soft Wrap Minis. At one-third the size of traditional wraps, not only are they lower in fat and calories, their size inspires smaller portioned meals and snacks – perfect for lighter summertime fare!  They are only 50 calories each and loaded with fiber (4 – 6 grams each) and flavor, Soft Wrap Minis are super versatile and great for: tacos and fajitas, grilled quesadillas, pizza crusts and wrap sandwiches! I made Queso Fundido! Hot off the tortilla presses and available nation-wide this spring, Soft Wrap Minis come in five delicious…

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    Thirsty for Sexy @Qdrinks

    Packaged in distinguished glass bottles that are as tasteful as their contents, the Q Drinks line is far from typical mixers and are made with all natural ingredients – not a bunch of sticky, high fructose corn syrup that just weighs you down in the warm weather. Q Tonic: Made with all natural ingredients, including hand-picked quinine from Peruvian Andes and organic agave sweetener 60 percent fewer calories than regular tonic water —– I thought this tonic was unique because of its micro bubbles. how did they do that? Q Ginger: Made with real ginger and organic agave Only 60 calories Perfectly blends gin or whiskey, but also great on…

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    Pigs Fly with Pig E Skin by 3 Spoiled Brats

    And who said pigs couldn’t fly? Fashioned as a traditional foam football with a goofy and quirky spin, Pig E Skin is an all around American toy with a sense of humor. Kids, especially, love to be outdoors during these summer months, and Pig E Skin is a great recreational activity for kids to indulge in. Soft to the touch and lightweight, children can continue to safely enjoy playing football. I mean, if you’re going to go the foam-football route, why not get a laugh out of it? Available in three colors, blue, pink, and orange, and two sizes, regular and junior. Order yours today at 3spoiledbrats.com ! 🙂