• New York

    A Sandy Halloween

    After crazy the crazy Hurricane Sandy and the mess it left New York in, very few of us are in the mood for Halloween. Despite the debris and no subway, I just hope it wasn’t ruined for the kids!  Lucky for those of you who were smart enough to celebrate on Saturday and get a good use of your costumes. The last few Halloweens have not been so fun for me 🙁 But there will be lots of discounted candy on sale everywhere tomorrow! Time to stock up!

  • My Dog Jacob

    Bits and Pieces of Love: Art by Samuel Price

    West Coast artist, Samuel Price has the perfect holiday gift for pet lovers worldwide. If you have a dog or know dog lovers like me, you know they have tons and tons of dog things and their lives and schedule’s pretty much revolve around their dog!  Price creates custom portraits by assembling hundreds of hand-cut, recycled magazine squares onto canvas.   He takes photography that clients send him as a reference point and go from there. They are such beautiful pieces of art and they would be a great piece for a home, office or vet clinic! His goal is to capture the individual personality and spirit of the animals featured. I…

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  • WorldWide

    Top 4 Classic Earring Styles Every Girl Should Own

    Earlobes were clearly created to be adorned. Since you have a perfect canvas dangling at the end of each ear, it just makes sense to fill that open space with something beautiful. Regardless of whether you have short hair, long hair that you occasionally wear down or if you’re prone to upsweeps and buns, there’s a style or two of classic earrings that will pique your fancy and suit your appearance and style. To get you started on finding the right earrings to give your ears just the pizazz you’re seeking, here are the top 4 classic earring styles. 1. Stud Earrings. The beauty of the stud is its simplicity. Usually made…

  • WorldWide

    Bye, Bye, Bye – Vanish @MiracleSkin

    Jackie and I were both invited to attend Sarah McNamara’s webinar for her newest product ‘Vanish’, part of her Miracle Skin Transformer line. I switched it up this time with a video review, which is my first ever so hopefully it won’t strain you guys out too much! Video Check out Miracle Skin Transformers at a Nordstrom or Sephora near you! Some more goodies-to-know on ‘Vanish’: –          Does NOT cause breakouts! +++++++ –          Naturally dry silicon that goes on super smooth –          Natural ingredients! +++++ (lupin, vitamin E, vitamin C, grapefruit) –          Time saving +++ The primer works instantly to reduce the appearances of fine lines and pores as well…

  • WorldWide

    Layering Isn’t Just for Clothes: Four Tips for Making a Statement with Layered Jewelry

    When the temperature drops, every practical fashionista knows to layer on her favorite sweaters, blazers, coats and scarves to stay warm and in style. Although this kind of layering is more or less instinctual–even though there are several fashion rules to consider in the process–layering jewelry is also a fun fashion opportunity that can complement any multi-dimensional outfit. Since bulky winter wear doesn’t often give you the opportunity to accentuate your feminine form, you can give your look that girly touch by following these four fashion tips for jewelry layering. 1. Brighten Up With Bracelets In between bulky blazer sleeves and heavy gloves, you can add a little more cuteness to…

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  • New York

    Bike, Hike and Moisturize with @goAdventuress

    Michigan based skincare company Adventuress is going after the girl who is going after her own adventurous life!  An Adventuress is a thrill seeker, a force to be reckoned with! From day one the Adventuress Skin Care Collectionwas designed with an active lifestyle in mind. Founder Michele Carter says: After four years interviewing labs all over the country to help me formulate this exciting product line I met Masoomeh, a world-traveling biochemist with more than 20 years experience developing technologies for brands like L’Oreal, Estee Lauder and Procter & Gamble to name a few. With Masoomeh’s connections and knowledge of raw materials together we created this naturally derived collection with…

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