• Los Angeles

    Jeremy Scott for Smartcar

    The LA Auto show is now officially under way – kicking off the festivities last night was an incredible event hosted by smart USA featuring celebrity designer Jeremy Scott. The world premiere of a customized showcar titled smart forjeremy took place at Jim Henson studios where a vehicle with Jeremy’s signature wings was revealed to the public. And for those interested in a car like this for themselves, this car is an electric vehicle that will be available to consumers in 2013. Adding to the event experience was a performance by M.I.A. Who lit up the stage next to the car. Some fans in the audience included Perez Hilton, Liberty Ross,…

  • New York

    @FootCardigan Subscription for Sock Lovers

    Tis the season to be jolly, and what could be jollier than a new pair of fabulously bizarre socks in your mailbox every single month? Whether you’re shopping for your own feet or those of your friends and family, Foot Cardigan offers a monthly makeover from knee to toe. And even though the true meaning of the holidays is peace on earth and good will towards all, everyone knows the best part is actually the surprise of opening an amazing gift. But Jolly Ole St Nick only comes around once a year. With Foot Cardigan you can get your jollies every single month, all year long. It’s a wacky gift…

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  • My Dog Jacob

    Travel with Your @DogVacay

    Pet owners are undoubtedly obsessive about their furry friends. In fact, 81% of dog owners consider Fido a member of the family.  And yet, according to the APPA’s 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey, 75% of dog owners don’t take their pet with them when they travel. Anyone with a dog will tell you the dread that comes with putting their dog away in a kennel cage for a week. Or the hassle of trying to find a pet-friendly hotel. With the holidays coming, travel is set to see it’s standard bump of 54% for Thanksgiving and 23% during Christmas/New Years, and the obsessive 62% of us who own pets will be faced with…

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  • New York

    Blogging Ain’t Easy

    With my 6th blog anniversary coming up, I have come to terms with how difficult blogging has really become. There are a few reasons why I have becoming a little bit jaded when it comes to blogging and I will try to explain my thoughts here. 1. A blog is a jealous mistress My blog has been my confidant, my Friday night date, my tell all and my little digital soap box for a long time. But it is insatiable and hungry for more. More photos, more events, for products. The better content I give my blog, the more it wants to up the ante of the previous post. It…

  • New York

    Download this Game: Dental Surgery

    I often browse the App store to see what is new and trending. I just found this game on the Top 30 list and had to download it. I have never liked going to the dentist and find most dental things gross. Who knew that scaling plaque or brushing someone’s teeth, adding fluoride to specific spots can actually be fun! First you have to look at the patient chart and see what they prefer, Novocaine or laughing gas – add the correct amounts and do all the dental procedures before the pain killers wear off. If you don’t file a tooth properly, it will crack and you will have to…

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  • New York

    Agraria Candles

    Home fragrance is just as important as the perfume or cologne you wear. Your home should have a scent that allows you to relax, feel comfortable and it should look beautiful too. You may have seen Agraria products at Bergdorf’s or Saks and for good reason. This Petite Crystal Cane candle is the perfect holiday gift for anyone. I recently tried the Lime & Orange Blossoms Crystal Cane Candle. It has an exhilarating fragrance filled with Lime & Orange Blossoms, and surrounded by the beauty of Night-Blooming Sampaguita, Honeysuckle, and Jasmine. Amber Woods, Smoky Patchouli and Oak Moss add depth to a velvety smooth background. The crystal cane candle is…