• My Dog Jacob

    Whistler Zip Line 2.0 from @RCPetproducts

    Right after our Hurricane came the snow!  The first day of snow in New York usually means wet, dirty and chaos. But in Brooklyn, this first snowfall was rather peaceful.  Jacob tried on the RC Pet Whistler Zip Line 2.0 coat today for his walk and despite the wet melty snowflakes, he stayed completely dry. The large and secure velcro around the belly make sure the wind could not shift the coat side to side. The second neck velcro strap came with a higher collar that prevented the blowing wind to his ears. The 3M stripes make it safe for cars to see him which is a great feature. Overall,…

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  • New York

    Shine Your Light Hurrican Sandy Relief

    EZ Studios presents “Shine Your Light” Hurricane Sandy Relief! Spread the word, and help make a difference with donations to those who were hit by the storm. What: Hurricane Sandy Relief Location: EZ Studios, 325 West 37th Street, New York, NY When: Sunday, November 11, 2012 Time: 1pm to 5pm Donations accepted include clothing of all sizes, non-perishable food and drink, and blankets to name a few.

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  • WorldWide

    Getting lean with @SaffroLean

    There are thousands of weight loss supplements out there with exaggerated promises of rapid weightless without making changes to your diet yada yada yada, not to mention the slew of dangerous stimulants that come with them… so when I heard about SaffroLean a few months ago, I was honestly less than excited. However, seeing as I’d been struggling with my weight for the past year, I figured I’d give it a try. I had quite a scare last year with my heart, which landed me in  and out of hospital for a few weeks. After being released from hospital, I found myself slipping into an uncontrollable downward spiral of depression,…