Posts Written On December 13, 2012

An Evening with Barb Stegemann @The7Virtues

It is always exciting when home grown (Canadian) talent makes it big! Barb wrote a book called the 7 Virtues on a healing journey after tragedy struck her best friend and the perfume is the product that came to fruition from this journey. The essential oils are sourced from plants from countries like Haiti and Afghanistan that are rebuilding after natural disasters or after war. Some of the ingredients include Vetiver from Haiti, Lime and Basil from Iran, Orange Blossom and Rose from Afghanistan.

@Scottish_Kate and I at the NYC Canada Consulate

Last night, fragrance entrepreneur Barb Stegemann hosted a bevy of talented Canadians at 550 Park Ave to introduce her line the 7 Virtues.

Fragrances made with essential oils that rebuild  communities

Barb Stegemann, CBC Dragons’ Den Winner, was introduced to me by a mutual friend and her zest for life and passion for her business is admirable!  Within 2 years, the 7 Virtues have made it to TOP 5 on the Chatelaine Beauty 100 Award and is carried in Lord & Taylor and the Bay. These fragrances are Paraben free – Phthalate free. The perfumes are $70 and up.

If you want to make a political statement in a beautiful way, check out


Vacuum Fried Vegetables

One of my passions is food. I love to go to the grocery store and buy cool new items to try them. Today I got this Vacuum Fried Vegetable snack and it is suppose to be a wonderful potato medley of taro, potato and purple yam.

For almost $4, this is what I got. I am totally appalled.

So first it came in this ‘resealable’ bag you see on the right. When you open it, there is another inner bag – the small white one. I could not believe that 2/3 of the bag was actually air.

There was maybe 40 pcs in there total which doesn’t even equal the size of one measly potato that cost about 15 cents.

I actually counted them and the end up costing 10 cents a piece almost. And they don’t even taste like the amazing airy ones from Trader Joe’s.  Never again.

Here are the ingredients if you care. Blah to this snack adventure fail :/