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    Lazy Hair Gal Meets @JohnFriedaUS — Mind Blown!

    Trust me when I say I hate to style my hair. I’m happy to wake up and leave the apartment without so much as a quick comb through my locks (terrible, I know). But John Frieda Styling Tools by Conair has changed everything about my morning routine. And I want to share it with you pretty peeps! Due for a hairdryer upgrade? I know I was. The Salon Shine Dryer is more than just another hair dryer though—this little beauty packs 1875 watts of power into a compact design and is kind to your hair by giving you more shine and less frizz. Less frizz, more shine? Now you’re talking. Another…

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    My @JLo Goin in Look @Occmakeup @ChillyJilly1

    It all started at the VMA’s I guess, when the NSYNC performance came on, I went into the archives to look up so old favorites like Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, JLo and the whole gamut.  Then I posted a JLo pic for an early edition of #throwbackthurs and my girl LivLaughLauren said Jlo will always remind her of me and I of her!  When we were at Western, we would be blasting Jlo all day everyday… Man! That was 2002 I think ah!! Time flies… Jennifer Lopez is timeless, ageless and my all time fav. A random Thursday can be inspired by Jennifer Lopez! Pretty ruffled edges and double brushed…

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    @Mias_Kitchen Pasta Sauce

    Get saucy with it!  Enough Miley talk for me – if you want to get really saucy you have to try California brand Mia’s Kitchen. A real kick and a real game changed in the pasta sauce – It is awesome and it is totally fun! An out of the box, quirky young woman from sonoma. Mia and her mother, Nancy, developed the mia’s kitchen brand to share the bounty of their italian culinary skills with cooks and “foodies” who have an appreciation of fine epicurean experiences with a casual twist and who enjoy “eating gourmet everyday.” I enjoy eating gourmet everyday and definitely recommend that you give your Tortellini new life…

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    NARS Unveils Brand New Eye Paints For Fall! @NARSissist

    If you’ve ever wondered how some people just get their eye makeup spot on every. single. time., I think I’ve found the answer: NARS Eye Paint. I was lucky enough to attend the NARS Eye Paint Open House this week in NYC and I took a sneak peek at this amazing new line of creamy and colorful eye paints that can be used as an eye shadow or eyeliner.                      So what’s to love about these pint-sized paints? First, it’s the range of colors NARS has introduced into the line. From sultry greens and flashy golds to midnight shimmery blues—there’s a shade to suit every…

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    Put it on Everything @OnionCrunch

    (pic via Pinterest) Onion Crunch “Crispy, Crunchy, Yum, Yum, Yum!” GMO free, Vegan, Parve, Zero Trans Fat/Cholesterol, 4 Ingredients! If you are looking for a new addition to spice up all the tried and true dishes you have like hot dogs and casseroles, why not get some Onion Crunch? They are tasty and crunchy and goes well with savory dishes. A ton of bloggers have created their own concoctions using Onion Crunch. Mac and Cheese with Onion Crunch! Yum!

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