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    Celebrity Families Who Love to Bowl

    Celebrities, especially some famous celebrity families, like to bowl. This is a great way for some of the large celebrity broods to do a task together that is great for all ages. Here are five celebrity families who have been caught bowling recently. (image from Google) The Jolie-Pitts Right at the end of 2013, Angelina Jolie was photographed taking all six of her kids bowling in Australia while Brad Pitt was promoting 12 Years a Slave. The Hardwicks Chris host, comedian and Hardwick of @midnight is the son from the late pro bowler Billy Hardwick which is considered an authority bowler in their own right. He occasionally airs celebrity bowling…

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  • New York

    D-Dojo Karate Classes: My First Martials Arts Experience in NYC

    Last week, Leaura and I went to D-DOJO, beautiful martial arts studio in the heart of Manhattan. We were invited to experience first hand a new way to exercise through learning karate!  Leaura is already and expert, having practiced for over 25 years but it was definitely my first time doing something like this.  We were told to wear gym clothes and no jewelry. Easy enough right? Karate is proven to give you better posture, self-defense training or more defined legs and core strength.  We had a private lessons with world champion Igor Dyachenko! He explained that D-DOJO combines sport karate (represented by the red square where the sparring happens)…

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