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    The Magic of St Ives @STIvesSkin

      All because winter is now over – Thank GOD!!  You should still moisturize your skin. The sun can dehydrate you and coming in and out of air conditioned buildings is also not great for your skin. You can easily transition your skincare to lightweight products. Our Fresh Hydration Spray Lotions (FHL) are great for warm-weather hydration as they provide that moisturized lotion feel, but without feeling heavy! Check out St Ives next time you are at the drug store!

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  • My Dog Jacob

    Petco Pulls All China Made Dog Products off Shelves!

    By now you’ve heard about Petco’s plans to stop selling China-made dog and cat treats in its more than 1,300 locations at the end of this year. With more than 1,000 dog deaths and nearly 5,000 illnesses reported by the FDA, Petco is the first national pet retail chain to take action, but others are likely to follow suit. Given growing concerns over imported pet food, pet retailers are now boasting a “Made in the USA” label, and an industry shift to “human grade” – the ultimate seal of safety – is next.   More reason to get #ComeClean soap from my Etsy store!  All Natural and hand poured in NYC!! 🙂 definitely human grade!

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  • Bitty

    Bitty Play: Slick Sand @DuneCraft

    Finally spring is here!  Time to head outside for some fun in the sun. Sand and water are perpetual preschooler favourites. But what if you have a kid who doesn’t like getting their hands dirty?  Turns out DuneCraft has just the thing. Slick Sand is colourful and magical. It can be shaped in water but never gets wet! When asked what it feels like, my son said, “it feels like nice!”. The silky texture makes it perfect for little hands to explore. Like the Water Marbles, Slick Sand is endlessly ‘replayable’. I like that the product is environmentally friendly and contains information on industrial and everyday uses of slick sand.…

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    3 Steps for Summer from @SebamedUSA

    Warmer temps call for sleeveless shirts and swimsuits, exposing an area of the body that receives very little attention: Armpits! The mindless daily shave and quick roll of deodorant steal 50 percent of moisture from skin and wreak havoc on underarm’s delicate pH balance, causing problems like dryness, redness, bumps and itchiness. Constant irritation also exacerbates hyperpigmentation, which is one cause of darkened armpits. Fortunately, pits aren’t picky. Spending just 60 seconds on this easy, three-step routine from Sebamed can keep underarm’s pH in check for a worry-free, comfortable day: STEP1 Gently Cleanse with a Soap-Free Wash: Using your hands or a gentle microfiber cloth, cleanse the underarms with an…

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    Glitter Beauty Bonanza @essence_US

    Essence is an amazing make up brand! I first discovered Essence when I was traveling in Europe and with all the fun candy colored nail polish, lipsticks and eyeshadows – I instantly remembered it when it came to the US!  It is a makeup brand available in drugstores and beauty supply stores that allows you to get all the colors you want to try without spending a fortune.  I really want to try this berry lip trend for summer and some pale blue glitter. I picked up these few items and have been using it for the past month!  I love the Lash Mania for a brow darkener. It really…

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    Brooklyn’s MOUTH Launching Online Spirits Shop Today @Mouthfoods

    MOUTH.COM LAUNCHES FIRST ONLINE INDIE SPIRITS SHOP Highly Curated, Distinctive Craft Spirits and A Selection of Wines from Outstanding, Small, Independent Distilleries and Wineries Across the U.S. For Immediate Release; New York, NY—MOUTH.com, the ultimate source for indie food and tasty gifts, is launching the first online indie spirits and wine shop today. The new online shop follows the recent opening of MOUTH’s brick-and-mortar indie spirits gallery, located at 192 Water Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Both the online and DUMBO shops exclusively carry products made in America by small wineries and distilleries, many of which are only available online through MOUTH. The DUMBO store currently offers 140 distinctive spirits and 20…

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