Posts Written On May 17, 2014

Multicultural Fashion Dolls from @Mattel

Little girls love receiving dolls for summer, and this year give them something new – a doll that actually looks like they do!
While America is increasingly multi-cultural, the doll industry is slow to reflect this diversity. This can be extremely frustrating, especially over the holidays when parents are frantically searching toy stores, only to be left with a limited selection to say the least.

One World Doll Project is solving this problem! Created by Stacey McBride-Irby, who developed the so In Style® dolls, the first line of African-American dolls by Mattel®, Prettie Girls! not only “look like me, but they are like me!,” says Stacey. Each doll comes along with a positive message that children can relate to and parents can be proud of!

<image001.png>There are five dolls in the Prettie Girls! collection – Lena (African American) and Valencia (Latina) which are available now, and Kimani (African), Dahlia (South Asian), and Alexie (Caucasian) will be available soon. Additionally, the first Signature Edition doll in the collection, the Cynthia Bailey doll is also available now.

Prettie Girls! are available online at for $21.95 as well as other prestigious online doll retailers such as,, and