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    Vibrant new fragrance: JOSIE

    Fashion designer, Josie Natori, announces her vibrant new fragrance, JOSIE. From the House of Natori, designer Josie Natori launches her dynamic new fragrance, JOSIE. Vibrant and modern, the JOSIE scent breaks rules and breaks out – bringing an exhilarating approach to sensuality! Josie Natori is a visionary designer who reimagined an industry, erasing the boundary between innerwear and outerwear by elevating the concept of lingerie for consumers around the globe. Over her 37-year career, Josie has turned simple elements of daily life into beautiful essentials. Of all the brands that comprise the House of Natori, JOSIE is the designer’s most eclectic expression. Partnering with prestige beauty company LUXE Brands to…

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