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NYC Alert: Wearing Heels and Loving @LYFT

So I am subway or walk kind of girl and when the private car service company trends popped up in New York City – I was really excited to check it out!  So there I am not an expert on this topic not have I tried all the services out there already but I can tell you the reasons I am loving LYFT.

When my husband came home with a business card with a furry pink mustache on it and gave it to me – I was curious. I remember seeing something on Youtube with car sharing or ride car pools with a giant pink mustache so I had an idea what LYFT was about.  When I downloaded the app for my Android – I was just in love with how cute it is.  The icon on my phone is a pink balloon!  How happy!  And then the app is fun and user friendly. The drivers are nice, the cars and clean and they literally arrive in less than 2 mins every time.

I have used LYFT 4 times since I downloaded the app last week and here is what I did.

1. Had to go to Chelsea Pier to meet up with some FIDM alumni for a lunch on the water and I took LYFT. The driver got me there in a jiffy and I applied my coupon code and voila a free ride.

2. I was going from work to an event with a 15 min time window and just had to LYFT. I was also wearing heels so from West Village to Little Italy for $12 is a bit of a splurge but hey it was for a free dinner so I did it.

3. I booked a LYFT at 4:30 but i didn’t need to leave til 5. Oops. I got charged $8 for my mistake but when my 5 driver came, he told me I can just email them and get a refund! And they did and wrote me a nice email too.  I took LYFT to 38th St Garment district with a huge box and the driver was nice enough to help me with the box too!  Then a few days later, I woke up to a coupon of 7 free LYFT rides for the next week! How perfect with Fashion Week coming up, I know I can use these up easily. I got so excited and starting talking to Tai about all the cool fun places we can go that we never go to… like Ikea or Queens or somewhere far! (I don’t know where) hehehe!

4. I gave 1 of my free rides to my friend from Paris who was venturing from my house to Brooklyn!  It was perfect – Came in 1 minute and had a GPS to let me know when she arrived. I paid it from my phone and was happy to know she got there quickly and safely.

I am still getting use to what this is “FREE with friends code…” I haven’t tried it yet.

I am sure other car services provide features I am not aware of but I only need a few reasons to love LYFT.




4. I can wear heels out again!


National Lemon Juice Day!

When Life Gifts You Lemons, Make Lemonade!  Today isNational Lemon Juice Day, let’s celebrate!

·         Health: Lemon juice has several health benefits such as alleviating indigestion, constipation and throat infections. To cut the soar tastes, squeeze lemon juice into a cup of water (warm or cold);

·         Beauty: Naturally highlight your hair with lemons. Instead of using chemical-packed dyes, use fresh lemons or lemon juice to lighten up your stresses. On unwashed hair, apply lemon juice to the hair you want highlighted, then stand in the sun for at least 30 minutes. Be sure to use sunscreen to prevent skin damage. After highlights are complete, use a moisturizing conditioner on hair to keep it from drying out;

·         Make Tasty Drinks: Give your traditional lemonade some flavor by adding additional vegetables and fruits. Using a high-performance juicer like Omega, you can create detoxifying and tasty juices by adding kale, ginger or carrots;

·         Household Cleaning: Lemons can be used for removing rust from kitchen and bathroom faucets as well as desanitize sponges. The remove rust, simply combine lemon juice and salt until it reaches a toothpaste consistency. Scrub onto stainless steel and copper fixtures. To remove odors and bacteria from sponges, soak in vinegar and lemon juice for 2 minutes.


how to make a green lemonade!


1 Green Apple
2-3 handfuls of Spinach or Kale
1/2 Lemon (yellow peel removed)
1/2 inch of Ginger Root (unpeeled)
*Optional: sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper

Step 1: Wash all produce

Step 2: Juice all ingredients in your Omega VRT Juicer

Step 3: Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Step 4: Note: Would you prefer a Green Lemonade smoothie? Add all ingredients to your Omega Blender with 1/2 cup of ice. Blend until smooth.


Alejandro Chaban’s 5 Ways to Overcome Gymtimidation

1) Problem: LACK OF KNOWLEDGE: You’re there and you have no idea how to use the machines or all of those weird balls. The only thing you see is all those expert people jumping from one machine to the next and you just stare at them with a confused look on your face without knowing where to start.
SOLUTION: Invest in one session with a personal trainer that can show you how to use the machines work and design a specific routine for you. Another option that’s cheaper is to go on You Tube and look for different video tutorials that show you how to work every muscle and even learn fun cardio routines to practice at home.

2) Problem: COMPETITION: Getting to the gym the first few days and looking at the girl next to you and wanting to compete with her is a VERY bad idea. The only thing you’re going to do with this is feel bad if you can’t keep up with her.
SOLUTION: Don’t compare yourself to anybody. Your only competition is yourself. You don’t know the other girl’s story, what drives her and how long she’s been doing this.

3) Problem: PUBLISH YOUR TRAINING: When we’re first starting we want EVERYONE to know what we’re doing and we share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other way we can think of. This causes us to spend more time on our phones than actually working out.
SOLUTION: Leave your phone in the locker or use it only to listen to music. Stop telling the world you’re going to work out and just WORK OUT! I’m guilty of taking a few selfies here and there but I try not to and always tell myself FOCUS ALEJANDRO! At the end of the day if you don’t work out you won’t have any results to share.

4) Problem: WRONG CLOTHES: This doesn’t mean that you should get the most expensive and trendy clothes for the gym, it’s about having the right underwear, pants, shoes and socks. This is important for you to feel comfortable, confident and to avoid injuries. I used to go to the gym with those huge heavy cotton shirts that were always 3 sizes bigger, when I saw myself in the mirror I got even more depressed and lost all my motivation. WATCH IT! It’s not about being naked in public LOL.

5) Problem: SIMPLICITY: When you go to the gym try to take as less things as possible, I used to take a padlock, water, my phone, an ipod, a bag, towels, mi protein shake my wallet, a book and 40 different things. This just made me lose my focus and I always ended up losing stuff.
SOLUTION: Try to take as little as possible and leave everything in the locker.

Alejandro Chabán is one of the youngest motivational speakers in the U.S. and is a best-selling author for his book De Gordo a Galán (From Fatty to Hottie). Chabán dedicates his time to sharing his life experience of battling obesity, anorexia and bulimia during his teenage years, and how he was able to transform himself into an admired actor, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. Chabán created the Yes You Can! Diet Plan, the first and only diet plan created by Hispanics for Hispanics. Based on Chabán’s life experience and certified by a team of experts, the Yes You Can! Diet Plan focuses on Nutrition, Emotional Health, Movement and Dietary Supplements. Chabán has had years of National TV experience and has been featured in a number of National English and Hispanic Magazines.


New SAVOR dog food Series from Purina @ProPlan

To celebrate National Dog Day – Purina Pro Plan hosted a gourmet 7 course meal for pet media in NYC. Purina’s gourmet chef, Chef Amanda prepared several courses that were designed to inspire those who developed the Pro Plan SAVOR product line, which combines the high quality nutrition with exceptional taste that dogs love!

Chef Amanda has been with Purina for over 10 years, preparing meals that serve as a source of inspiration to those who develop the product lines for pets. After tasting their way through one of her carefully crafted menus, her colleagues then get to work creating pet foods based on the flavors and insights presented in her kitchen.

The dinner guests included the team from Purina, their PR executives and expert pet scientist and local NY Vet to discuss, taste, textures and eating habits of dogs.

I brought home some great samples and Jacob loved them all!


It is important to READ the label everyone!

Check out the new Purina Pro Plan Savor line at your local pet or grocery store!


New Korres Black Pine Collection

the new KORRES skincare collection called Black Pine. This breakthrough anti-aging range offers advanced firming, contouring, and lifting; and will debut with a day cream, night cream, eye cream and serum.

 Resilient Black Pine trees have thrived in the Mediterranean for millions of years, surviving the harshest weather conditions from deserts to mountains while continually improving their defense systems against environmental stressors. In short, Black Pine is ageless.

Inspired by this natural phenomenon, the KORRES Black Pine Collection was cultivated by blending the highly active and efficacious Black Pine Extract with a proprietary blend of eight unique active extracts, five of which are patented, including Hexapeptide 11 – the first ever natural polypeptide and a global innovation in the beauty industry. The results prove advanced firming, contouring, and instant lifting.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.55.52 PM

Available at Sephora, and, this collection is another milestone in the Greek skincare brand.



It’s been 20 years since French makeup icon François Nars launched his beauty line with just 12 lipsticks. Since then the beauty mogul has evolved and expanded his collection with cult classics like Nars Blush in Orgasm, and The Multiple cream color stick, and he has collaborated with fashion designers like Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld. As he prepares to launch Audacious Lipsticks, a collection of 40 new shades, he reflects on his epic career as well as the industry that helped shape him.

To read the full story on Glamour’s beauty site, click here:

Nars on his big break into the industry…

Legendary fashion editor Polly Mellen booked me to shoot the fashion collections in Paris with [photographer] Peter Lindbergh. It changed everything.”

Nars on how he has influenced women during his career…

“Women don’t want to feel like they’re wearing makeup. I hope I was partly responsible for that. Polly Mellen always felt that my touch was lighter than other makeup artists’ at the time. That was the start of seeing more freckles, seeing more skin on models. It’s like what Coco Chanel did for women by freeing them from corsets—not that I want to compare myself to her.”

Nars on how to follow a beauty trend …

“Your look should fit your personality…. If a friend says that red doesn’t look good, listen to your friend. Well, listen to yourself first; just don’t follow fashion blindly…. Do single elements of an extreme look, not the whole thing.

Nars on the difference between French and American women…

“American women are still lovers of makeup. They want a total, perfected look. French women, not as much. It’s a different attitude to what they feel sexy is. I love them all!”