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NYC Fashion Week Guest Blogger: Cindy Duran


Hi there! My name is Cindy Duran and I am the latest guest blogger for this year’s NYFW! I most recently moved to New York City, but I am no stranger to Fashion Week. I am currently a student here in NYC majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Fashion Communications. I also have a blog of my own (Guiltyplaisir), so be sure to check that out to get to know me a little better and get some good insight into my personal style! I am very excited to be joining HEYDOYOU this fall season and I can’t wait to update you all on the hottest products and events right here in the big apple! You know what they say, “The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.” Wish me luck! Can not wait to keep you posted 😉 xoxo

Instagram: @Cindydee_ / @Guiltyplaisirwp



Summer skincare picks from The Body Shop

Yikes it’s already September! But it’s still pretty sunny here in Toronto, and at record-high temperature! Here are some of The Body Shop’s best skincare products for the summer season.

When looking for summer skincare, I like to get something lighter because it’ll feel heavy on my face all day in the sun. My skin is already normal to oily, so I feel like it gets overly oily due to the heat. I’d highly recommend these summer beauty picks if you’ve got the same skin type!

If you’re not already a huge fan of The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skincare line – it’s been their number one anti-acne skin care routine since 1995. Clinically proven to give visibly clearer skin, this range works hard to combat existing blemishes without over-drying your skin.

20 years later, they’ve decided to super-size the line – wooh! Jumbo size Tea Tree Cleanser! I love how this cleanser easily breaks down makeup leaving your face feeling fresh – and it smells fantastic! But the best part really is how clean your face looks after washing with this cleanser. There’s a bit of mattifying powder that will leave you with a fresh, clear glow.

Tea Tree Line UpIt’s funny how their Tea Tree Oil is their top anti-blemish solution – I mean putting oil on top of oily skin sounds like an excess in oil… but really it’s helping to balance your skin without drying it out. Using other products that strip away your natural oils actually just dry out your skin and add new problems (eww, peeling!).

All you have to do is dab a bit of this oil onto a blemish and watch it disappear overnight! I can’t believe I used to believe in drying out my acne spots with toothpaste. You get the same soothing feeling with this oil, and now that it’s in a jumbo-sized bottle, you’ll be set all year long!


And while you’re catching all that Vitamin D, make sure to try The Body Shop’s new Vitamin C products:  the Boosting Moisturiser and Instant Glow Enhancer.
TBS - Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser (open)

I tend to get dehydrated during the summer because I’m being more active and spending a lot more time outdoors. So I need to switch my moisturiser for something lighter, like this gel-based moisturiser. Not only does it offer my skin plenty of hydration, it smells great! I love the smell of citrus in beauty products. It’s an instant energizer for those drab days (yep, it’s time to go back to school).

But the real magic product is the Instant Glow Enhancer – it’s got a little bit of a tint so I don’t even bother with foundation. I just brush on a bit of shimmery bronzer on top and I’m glowing!

If there’s one thing the Body Shop does right – it’s their fragrances. Every product they make smells fantastic, and in turn makes you feel fantastic when you’re wearing it.

Do you change your skincare routine during the warmer months? What do you look for in summer skincare?