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    With groundbreaking new features and an unprecedented level of smart connectivity, Samsung Family Hub™ transforms the kitchen appliance experience Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a leader in home appliance innovations announced the availability of the Samsung Family Hub™ Refrigerator, a revolutionary advancement that changes the refrigerator category in meaningful ways. With the kitchen already being the heart of the home, the Family Hub™ becomes a focal point for family members, enhancing their lives with family connections, food and entertainment experiences like never before. Enhanced by a 21.5 inch full HD LCD screen which serves as the refrigerator’s digital command center, and seamlessly connects to your smartphone, the Family Hub™ is a…

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    PrivateRX: Safe & Effective Intimate Skin Care Products

    PrivateRx Intimate Skin Care products are specially formulated for the delicate skin of a woman’s most intimate area to help fight the effects of aging and damaged skin. Women age differently than men, and intimate feminine skin reacts differently than facial or body skin to product applications. As estrogen levels decline, so does a woman’s natural lubrication. Many women experience this prior to, or during, menopause, but it can impact a woman at any age. Diminished estrogen can lead to external and internal vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy, resulting in undernourished, under-hydrated, aged skin. A woman might then experience daily personal discomfort and a diminished interest in intimacy. PrivateRX feminine…

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    Spring Clean Your Makeup Brushes with Makeup Academy

    It’s an ideal time for beauty spring cleaning and replacing contents of makeup bags and drawers. The sleek, innovatively designed brushes, featuring a mix of natural and synthetic fibers, create both bold and natural looks with multiple options for eyes, lips, cheek and base product application. Please see below for some of our favorites that launched this Spring:   Pro Double Ended Liner Brush & Smudger ($11.50) Smokey eyes don’t have to be a challenge anymore – this brush allows for easy gel, cream or powder application along the lash line with angled synthetic bristles while a dense sponge on the other side blends out pencil lines and shadows on…

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    World’s Smallest and Precision RBS from Super Impulse

    I knew some super cool products from TTPM toys showcase. These are the one very impressed me, so I want to let you know, and your kids definitely will love it! Precision RBS, a unique new rubber band launching line like nothing ever experienced before. Precision RBS delivers safe and intense fun, with more ammo, more power and more on-target accuracy! It is more accurate than any foam dart in the marketplace. With 3 models to choose from, The Precision RBS System is the next evolution for power and accuracy. The lightweight Talos holds up to 20 rubber bands in two sizes, launches up to 30 feet and includes a…

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    Epi-Pet, Skin Treatment for Your Lovely Pets

    Epi-Pet topicals and oral supplement are included in the groupings of products highlighted as essential by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to meet several human and animal health challenges this summer. The president and congress have diverted $500 million originally targeted to fight Ebola to a more pressing concern, the Zika virus, an unpredictable insect transmitted disease. The CDC has released memos and statements encouraging the use of insect repellants on both people and animals to help prevent transmission of insect diseases like Zika, Lyme, Chikungunya, Leishmaniasis, Dengue, and Yellow Fever, The Plague and other deadly insect and tick-borne diseases. The natural insect repelling ingredients in the “cross-over “Epi-Pet topicals are vehicles that aid…

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    Gym Bag Skincare Essentials

    Working on your bikini body with extra morning visits to the gym? Make sure breaking a sweat shows in your figure, and not through your skin. Avoid blemishes, itch and odor with these skincare essentials that are must-haves for your gym bag. Rather than making an extra trip home, you can wash away post-workout sweat at the gym for skin that’s clean, hydrated and fresh for the day ahead. –          After working out a sweat, clear your pores of oil clogging impurities with new Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser!This daily liquid cleanser gives you a deep exfoliating clean without being rough on dry spots. Ideal for combination skin, this oil-free formula contains cleansing…

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