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2017 Jeans Industry Trend Watch You Don’t Want to Miss

Jeans have been around for over 140 years, but even along that journey there have been changes along the way. New trends bring with them styles and options that help to create a look and define an attitude. The same goes for the 2017 jean trends that will be hitting the market in the coming weeks and months.

“There are some exciting jean fashion trends that are on the horizon,” explains Jonathan Greenberg, chief operating officer of Swat Fame Inc., who manufactures the popular STS Blue line of jeans. “They will give people a chance to show their personality, as well as add to their personal style.”

The 2017 jean fashion trends to watch for include:

  • All about the ankle. Jeans that are ankle length and have ankle detail will be a big hit in 2017. Variety will be everything on inseams ranging from 29-26; such as a step hem, curved hem, raw hem, and fray hem. A perfect opportunity to highlight your new shoes.
  • This is going to be huge this year. STS Blue will be debuting some trendy yet affordable ones at the beginning of the year, with more to be showcased in May and June.
  • Authentically Vintage Washed. People love how the 100 percent cotton gives the most authentic looking vintage wash, but it’s not the most comfortable. In 2017, look out for a super relaxed short in 100 percent cotton that is still comfortable to wear, but looks like a vintage pair of shorts.
  • Black is back. The color black has been a huge trend all year and will continue into 2017. STS Jeans will be offering a few cool black shorts, one with a cut out embroidered detail and one that is faded, destroyed and very lived in.
  • Deconstructed Boyfriend Jeans. Watch for super destroyed jeans that feature wide-open holes. These jeans will make a statement with one glance.

“LA helps to set the trends that the rest of the nation follows,” says STS Blue creative director Evelyn Ober. “We can’t wait to show you our spring collection and know they will be a big hit with those who love STS Blue, as well as those looking for something on trend and is effortlessly cool to wear this New Year.”

STS Blue has become a favorite of millennials because it gives them the chance to wear affordable Southern California-style fashion no matter where in the country they may live. They also help spread the movement through social media sites like Instagram, where their fans are referred to as “denim dolls” (#DenimDolls).

LA-inspired STS Blue is a line of jeans and jean shorts made for those who want to live the Southern California life and represent it no matter where they live. The jeans are casual chic, comfortable, and sexy. They are leading the pack when it comes to the LA-inspired denim fashion movement. Thanks to STS Blue styles, trend-setting washes and fabric blends, you can have a jean that is comfortable enough to wear everyday!

About STS Blue:
The STS Blue denim line is inspired by the casual LA and Southern California vibe. They live, breathe and love denim! STS Blue styles are true to size, and are made in a variety of fabrics to execute perfectly authentic washes while maintaining a flattering fit. They offer cotton, polyester, spandex and rayon blends for that comfortable, laid back, and effortlessly chic So Cal look. STS Blue is sold at Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Von Maur, as well as online at Styles include skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, denim shorts, and more; all with a friendly price point averaging $50.

For more information, visit the site at: and follow the latest Cali trends @STS_Blue.


Timely – 2017 ideas

I have some ideas for you about the ideas of New Year.

For the avid readers:

A Drop of Water is a new book out just in time for those working on their “new year, new you” goals. It has great insight about how to deal with depression and unhappiness. Author Yvonne Williams Casaus is a licensed counselor and reflects on her past experiences with her husband’s suicide. She shares raw, personal stories of how she found her way back to strength. She bares her soul, yet is able to use water as a lighthearted, uninhibited way to express how we are all connected in our life’s journeys. Check it out here:

For the nostalgics:

Project Repat is a unique company that turns t-shirts and sweatshirts into quilts. Send in your clothing and they will turn it into a personalized, unique quilt within a couple short weeks. These quilts are perfect for family gifts, travel memories, sports fans, baby clothes, concert lovers, marathon runners and more. Plus, it’s a great way to clean out the closets in the new year without sacrificing memories. Look at some of these gorgeous quilts:

For the food lovers:

These unique, handmade desserts from Matthews 1812 House can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. for tasty gifts, easier party hosting, hostess gifts, party favors and more! They have a variety of decadent desserts like bourbon-infused tortes, espresso- infused cakes as well as delicious brownies, bars and cookies. Take a look at


The App That Will Help Keep New Year’s Commitments

We’re all guilty of it – saying “this year will be different” as we psych ourselves up, set goals and aim to achieve greatness in the new year.  What if there were an app that could help us stay on track?

The newly launched CreativeLive app is great for people that have made new year’s commitments to themselves, whether it be to turn their jewelry making hobby into a business or fine-tune their photography skills, the CreativeLive app enables everyone access to the best teachers and a global community of students.

The app is free for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and available at the App Store.  With the app, students can watch free live-streaming broadcasts in addition to any classes they’ve already purchased.  Students can also select one free lesson of their choice per day from any class, get reminders for on-air broadcasts and learn on the go.  To learn more or download, visit


More About CreativeLive:

CreativeLive is an online education platform featuring classes in photography, video, design, music, craft, entrepreneurship and more.  The roster of teachers draws from the world’s top experts – Pulitzer, Grammy and Oscar winners, New York Times bestselling authors, thought leaders and legendary entrepreneurs.  Some of the experts on CreativeLive include Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington, Tim Ferriss, Anne Geddes, Ileana Douglas, Live Schreiber, Incubus and Swiss Miss.

CreativeLive has created more than 1,500 classes, 25,000 lessons, 2,000 articles and over 10,000 hours of highly curated HD video education.  A combination of live and pre-recorded classes allows one-of-a-kind access to the best teachers and a global community of students.  Live classes encourage free, real-time interaction with experts and students, plus pre-recorded videos allow students to learn at their own pace.



Make Your Lips Shining at New Year’s Eve

Do you remember Violent Lips (the crazy lip tats from a few years ago with designs like Union Jack, leopard and “glitterati”)? Well the creators’ two daughters, Isabella Haddad and Sophia Haddad, just created their newest launch, Minis by Violent Lips. They are the first ever all-purpose temporary tattoos for lips, face, eyelids, body, and nails. The girls and all their friends model them (see attached images). They come in packs of 100 and cost $9.99, with designs ranging from rainbows to emojis to a cute little cactus and more!

Fans of the brand include the Kardashians/Jenners. Want to know more about it? Check Violent Lips.



Look Fabulous While Getting Fit in 2017!

Fabulous Fitness Finds for The New Year

by, One Up Bands!

With 2016 coming to a close it’s time to start looking at your goals for the new year. If you’re one of the many who will be making a New Year’s Resolution to be more active or get in shape, One Up Bands is the company that’s here to help you!

Just because you want to exercise more doesn’t mean you have to throw fashion aside! One Up Bands was specifically created to help keep hair out of your face when you exercise and has turned into a fabulous fashion statement as well! With hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from, you can check everyone off your list this year by getting them a great gift from One Up Bands!

One Up Bands Styles Include:

  • Non-Slip Athletic Headbands (Starting at $12.00) – The flagship product, the non-slip headbands are second to none! With a soft, velvety underside and an elastic strap, you’ll find them to be exceptionally comfortable. All non-slip bands are available in the standard 20″ and also with an adjustable band, which provides a range of 18-20.5″

  • Nike Style Tie-Back Headbands (Starting at $15.00) – Made from a super comfy, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric, the tie-backs are ideal for just about anyone!

  • Head Tie Headbands (Starting at $15.00) – These super soft, ultra-comfortable, tie back style headbands are a great way to keep the sweat out of your eyes. Perfect for men and women.

  • Stretch Headbands (Starting at $8.95) – One Up Bands presents a colorful, comfortable, and lightweight range of stretch headbands available at prices affordable for everyone. These are a great way to add a refreshing style to your wardrobe and summer wear collection. Wear them while exercising at the gym or during a walk on a bright Sunday afternoon. Our headbands are versatile enough to go wherever you go!

  • Loopty Loop Headbands (Starting at $10.00) – One Up Bands continues to stay ahead of the curve with the latest in athletic fashion accessories: Loopty Loop bands. Available in three sizes (1”, 1.5”, & 2”), these comfortable bands are super soft and very stretchy! The best part is, these bands stay put, just like the non-slip headbands.

  • Hair Ties (Starting at $1.90) – The soft & stretchy Hair Ties are designed to keep your long hair under control while keeping you looking stylish at the same time. Each one of the uniquely handmade hair ties won’t pull out, dent, or otherwise damage your hair. Wear your One Up Bands hair tie in your hair or on your wrist for safekeeping and always stand out in a crowd! Coordinatingelastic headbands also available! Chlorine and saltwater safe. Made in the USA!

Be sure to also get a Fusion Belt to help keep essentials on your persons while you’re running! They are comfortable, fit everything you need including your keys, phone and wallet and they also come in matching colors and themes as the fashionable headwear!

Fusion Belt Features Include:

  • Prices Starting at $29.95
  • Original patented zipper on waist/hip belt that features an 8″ front zippered pocket and a large 180° back pocket
  • Available in all different colors, patterns, and designs

Get ready to get fit in 2017 with One Up Bands!

One Up Bands numerous headband and fusion belt styles are available at:!

About One Up Bands:

One Up Bands is a strong believer in staying fit through team sports, running and training, as well as healthy eating habits. We understand the need to keep your hair – and your sweat – out of your eyes, especially when you’ve got your sights set on the goal! Our Non-Slip, Stretch, Head Tie, Tie-Back, and Loopty Loop headbands are the latest in stylized, high-performance sports trends for gals and guys of all ages.




Chocolate Works – Your New Idea for 2017

Holiday Happiness
Give a special gift of Belgium chocolate truffles with an adorable vintage card printed on edible sugar paper.  Perfect for party hosts, teachers, neighbors – everyone!
Dipped Delights
These holiday trays filled with cookies, pretzels and marshmallows dipped in chocolate are the perfect party centerpieces.
Custom Orders Welcome
No Order is Too Big or Too Small!
Build your own gingerbread house from chocolate, candy & delicious treats. Then take a dip in the chocolate fountain
Fee:  $30/house
Space is Limited.  The Fun it Not!
Register Now! 
Stop in Any Time to Make Memories
Create special stocking stuffers!
Mold & Decorate. Use candy string and chocolate icing to make your sweet stocking.
Make 2 items on the conveyor belt; and take a dip in the chocolate fountain.

Join Us for
In addition to the sweet fun, food & drinks may be served.
Candy Canes & Hot Cocoa
Mint and chocolate are a special flavor match. Visit us on December 26 to celebrate National Candy Cane day and get a free cup of coca made with our Chocolate Spoons!  You will want to stock up to keep warm all winter.
Mold & Decorate a jumbo chocolate candy cane. Make any 2 chocolate lollipops & enjoy a sweet ride making your very own delicious treat on the conveyor belt. 
School’s Out But Fun is in at Chocolate Works.  Join us for sweet creativity all week long!
Call Now
Open Molding*:  Monday, 12/26
From hundreds of molds to choose from decorate any you desire & take a dip in the chocolate fountain.
It’s sweet fun on your schedule.
Price of mold + $8 additional fee for decorating and fountain dip
Mold & Decorate a jumbo chocolate candy cane. Make any 2 chocolate lollipops & enjoy a sweet ride making your very own delicious treat on the conveyor belt. ($30/guest)
 Tuesday, 12/27 + Thursday 12/29
Make a jumbo chocolate bar, decorate it with chocolate icing & candies to make your own MENORAH. Take 2 sweet dips into the chocolate fountain, decorate itand enjoy! ($30/guest)
Wednesday, 12/28
Mold & Decorate a jumbo chocolate candy cane. Make any 2 chocolate lollipops & enjoy a sweet ride making your very own delicious treat on the conveyor belt. ($30/guest)

 Wednesday, 12/28

NYE – Oreo Making Clocks
Make a clock out of chocolate oreo’s & candies
Friday, 12/30
** Reservations Needed **