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    To kick off the 20th anniversary of the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge (Olympics for dogs!), Pro Plan is partnering with dog-loving, tennis hall of famer, Andy Roddick as part of Pro Plan’s “Call For Incredible” initiative and partnership with America’s VetDogs.   From now until November, “Call for Incredible” will highlight all of the ways in which dogs are incredible—especially Andy’s! Dog owners are encouraged to get involved by visiting proplan.com/callforincredible to submit a photo and story about what it is that makes their dog stand out from all the rest. They can also enter for a chance to win a trip to San Diego during Veterans Week…

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    How To Ensure Sleep Confidence For Your Children

    Most parents sleep beside their children. We sleep with our kids because we want to ensure they have all their needs throughout the night. Moreover, we want to let them feel how loved they are and how close we are to them. On the other hand, some parents share a room with their children and do what they can to ensure their kids will have a good sleep. At some point, though, it becomes advantageous for our children and for us to let them sleep in their beds. Nighttime routines most likely help everyone loosen up from a stressful day and help sustain healthy sleep habits. There are many to…

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    For the First Time: Fruit Fibers is the Future of Textile Industry

    Cotton holds at least one-third of the fiber consumption in the textile industry. To produce cotton, it requires severe labor and usage of tons of pesticides, chemicals, and fresh water. However, recently there are a lot of innovations and revolutionary discovery that could be an alternative to cotton. Fruit fibers are making its way to be the future of the textile and fashion industry.   Pineapples leaves Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/beach-sand-fruits-seashore-27269/ People usually think of pineapples as a healthy drink or pizza topping. However, Carmen Hijosa thought differently. When Hijosa visited and worked as a leather goods consultant in the Philippines, she discovered the wonders of pineapples. Piña fabric is already known…

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    Stay Fresh For Any Festival/Spring Adventure With Cailyn Cosmetics

    Whether you’re camping at Coachella or living it up at Lollapalooza, packing for a music festival should be just as much about your makeup as it is your outfits. Store up on the essentials with Cailyn Cosmetics! Bring on the music with natural, cruelty-free ingredients from a brand you can trust. Outdoor festivals are notoriously unpredictable. Be prepared to battle whatever Mother Nature has in store with the dynamically engineered products from Cailyn Cosmetics. Get through the scorching heat and shop the summer must-haves to ensure you look fresh-faced and fabulous while you dance the day (and night) away: V11 Total Care Serum ($58): With ingredients like green tea, acai berry, and…

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