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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Spoil your father with these unexpected substitutes!

Instead of surround sound speakers, try…

1 Voice Headphones

When we say wireless, we really mean it. The 1 Voice Wireless Earphones use the most cutting edge technology paired with quality precision craftsmanship to create one of the smallest and most lightweight earphones possible. They are ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your ear and not fall out. Each earphone has its own speaker, wireless chip, battery, and mic so that they can work independently or when paired together.

Instead of the ‘World’s Best Dad’ Mug…


Perfect for the outdoorsy dad, this water bottle will become an essential item in his hiking pack – you can’t beat the design and quality of LIFESAVER’s durable, portable water bottle! This durable, portable water bottle uses ultra filtration technology to remove viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites to produce instant clean, drinkable water. Battle the elements without worrying about clean drinking water – LIFESAVER turns contaminated water into refreshing, clear water in just seconds! The world’s first in design, manufacture and supply of on the go nano-filtration technology, this handy water bottle will be a lifesaver for any dad!

Instead of a picture frame, try…

Picture Keeper

If you’re looking for a great gift for a tech-loving dad, set them up with their very own Picture Keeper Connect — the best device to store all of their pictures on! If they are switching to a new phone, running out of storage, or just wanting to secure important photos, this safeguard system offers a simple photo backup solution for all devices – smartphones, tablets and computers. Protect your memories with the ability to choose the storage capacity that best fits their needs! Picture Keeper Connect works anywhere, anytime. No WiFi needed!

Instead of tools, try…


Help Dad brighten up your landscaping with a unique lighting fixture, perfect for any kind of year-round occasion. BlissLights focuses on the experience and excitement lighting provides, so they have created a light fixture with holographic technology and fun, eccentric colors. They have brought magic to homes by satisfying a wide range of consumers looking to find a new way to light up their home by allowing them to turn into ‘instant light designers’ themselves. As leaders in the laser light industry, BlissLights brings happiness in the form of light to everyone and is perfect to compliment any occasion and lifestyle!

Instead of sports team gear, try…


Sports and dads go hand-in-hand. If your old man keeps himself young by watching some sports, the best way to show him that you care is to gear him up right. ScoreArt  prides themselves in their authentic decor for the world of sports and is the leading online destination for officially licensed sport wall art. Get almost any team and let  ScoreArt help you show your dad’s teams love this year!

Instead of buying your dad some popcorn, try…


Are you and your dad movie fanatics and love to feel the thrill of your all-time favorite movie right in the comfort of your very own home? It’s time to decorate your home with your favorite movie inspired art pieces from EntertainArt. EntertainArt is one of the leading online destinations for officially licensed entertainment wall art, all inspired by your most-loved comics, movies or television shows. Give each room in your home a different theme ranging from unbelievable artwork from DC Comics, Disney, DreamWorks, Marvel, Pixar and more! Step inside each room of your home with your most desired movies and shows artwork.

Instead of a shaving kit, try…

SoundOasis ILLUMY

Help your dad catch Some Better ZZZ’s in comfort of your own home with revolutionary sleep-aid technology. Get a good night’s sleep and a peaceful wake into the next day with the comfortable and lightweight smart ILLUMY Sleep and Wake Mask! This comfortable sleep mask uses a gently dimming light to help you fall asleep and a soft, brightening light to slowly wake you up naturally. The enhanced technology of this dependable device lulls you to sleep while preparing your mind for a productive day each morning. You’ll bounce out of bed more refreshed after using ILLUMY Sleep and Wake Mask!

  • Natural Sleep Enhancement is an optional setting that uses light pulsations to lull you to sleep and gently wake you up in the morning.

  • Sleep Modes settings with a simple touch of a button on your phone from a free app.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery with USB charging cable, programming cable, and power adapter to keep the mask fully charged.

  • Simple to clean as mask is machine washable mask.

Instead of dragging him on a hike, try…

Muir Way

For those of us that love to explore, or even those who just love the look of a sophisticated map- Muir Way offers beautiful maps for your dad’s man cave. Whether it be a detailed map of the Rocky Mountains, or an in depth map of Yosemite National Park, Muir Way can bring the outdoors into the comfort of your own home. Equip him with the love of National Parks, mountain ranges, and hydrology with the daring designs from Muir Way!

Instead of cigars, try…

Vessel Backpack

Perfect for dad to protect his laptop during his daily commute or hold his essential gear on his next adventure. Featuring a polished and practical design and handmade with the highest quality materials, these bags are essential when you are on the move. Vessel’s signature backpack features a main laptop sleeve compartment, a spacious interior and adjustable bottom compartment with waterproof zippers. The perfect combination of style and cause, Vessel helps you invent your own look while participating in their Buy a Bag, Give a Bag program. With each bag purchased, Vessel gives a school backpack to a child in need, helping them get the education they deserve. Since this innovative program began, Vessel customers have helped provide over 13,000 backpacks for children in need!

Instead of a tie, try…


They may not wear capes, but our fire crews are our superheroes each and every day, whether they’re putting out fires, on a rescue mission or helping out in the community. They are dedicated to protecting the public. FFTOB- The Original Firefighter Turnout Bags®– turns fire gear into fashion. The super-durable purses, backpacks, totes and duffel bags are made out of recycled firefighter turnout coats and pants.


Donut Day Ideas from BigMouth

Here has more fun stuffs for Donut Day from BigMouth.

Frosted Donut Serving Ring:

What will everyone remember about the party you hosted? The food! We made it fast, easy, and fun to put out a great spread—just inflate our serving rings, and fill ’em with ice, snack bowls, party favors, beverages—whatever you can think of. They wipe down easily and deflate for compact storage.

Price $7.99


The Donut Worry Be Happy Garden Gnome:

This Garden Gnome has his life sorted out—relaxin’ on a donut pool float, drink in hand, and ready for a day full of nothing. Post our Donut Worry Be Happy Garden Gnome in your garden, near the pool, beach, or anywhere you need a reminder to just chill.

Price: $19.98


Frosted Donut Lunch Tote:

Donut Touch My Food! Our new Lunch Tote collection brings the fun back to lunch time, and this Frosted Donut Lunch Tote does it in the “holiest” way. The EVA-lined tote is hard-walled and insulated to keep your lunch fresh without getting crushed—perfect for a nice healthy lunch of salad donuts. The handle and stitching ooze quality, so it will survive the work week with ease. Even better, this Lunch Tote unzips wiiiide open—no struggling to pack and unpack large containers or ice packs.

Price: $14.99


Giant Donut Hole Beach Ball:

What’s better than a tiny, tasty donut hole? *spoiler* A humongous 20-inch donut hole you can play with in the pool, that’s what! Take your donut beach ball for a dip this summer!

Price: $10.99


Pass the Donut Flying Food:

There’s a time and a place for throwing food. This strawberry frosted donut goes the distance—because it’s actually a flying disc. Go ahead and chuck one at your best friend…just be sure to give them a “heads up!”. It makes a great beach companion for the Gigantic Frosted Donut Beach Blanket, Donut FloatGiant Beach Ball, and Beverage Boats.

Price: $10.99

Gigantic Frosted Donut Beach Blanket:

Normally, drying off with a donut would create a sticky mess, but this humongous beach blanket will do the trick without having people question your sanity. At 5 feet wide, it makes a great companion for the beach or pool. Don’t forget your donut floatflying food, and beverage boats.

Price: $24.99


Frosted Donut Beverage Boats:

Add some sweetness to the pool party. These beverage boats keep your standard size drink afloat with flair. Plus, with three styles, you will always know which drink is yours. Sold as a 3-pack, each package contains these frosted donuts; strawberry, chocolate, and berry.

Price: $10.99

Giant Donut Pool Float:

It looks good enough to eat, and in fact, someone took a bite out of our best selling Giant Frosted Strawberry Donut Float. At 4 feet wide, it’s comfy enough for an entire day at the pool or beach—and hysterically fun.

Price: $19.99

The Donut Hole Mug:

There are some things that were just meant to be, and coffee+donuts is one of them. Our clever new mug combines the two, bringing us that much closer to utopia. Simply pour yourself some java, slide your donut into the slot, and get back to saying “now why didn’t I think of that?”

Price: $14.99


Coffee and a Donut USB Mug Warmer:

There’s nothing worse than crafting the perfect cup of coffee, only to let it go cold because you got distracted by someone flapping their gums about their weekend. Instead, this mug warmer keeps your drink warm with your computer’s USB port! Simply plug it in, and place your ceramic mug on top. The results? A nice warm drink, ready to sip.

Price: $15.99


The Donut Mug:

Coffee and donuts are so good together, they should be their own food group. Until that happens, use this donut-shaped mug to hold 12 ounces of lava-hot java.

Price: $12.99


PAPYRUS has the Sweetest “Sweets” to get you ready for Donut Day

We would like to blissfully inform you that June 2 is Donut Day!

For your sweet Donut Day celebrations, I wanted to send you some really AWESOME products from PAPYRUS – to make the celebration tastier and more exciting! You can shop at more than 200 PAPYRUS locations in the US and Canada as well as online at

Handmade Felt Donuts Boxed Notes (Set-of-8)

A yummy way to send a greeting, these frosted doughnuts are finished with felt and beads. Blank inside for your message.

Price: $19.95

Sweets and Treats Assorted Boxed Notes (Set-of-20):

Brighten their day with one of these darling note cards. The glittery treats are sure to bring a smile to their face.

Price: $12.95

Herbie Desserts Apron Set (Set-of-2):

Tasty treats decorate this delightful set of aprons along with Herbie the bear and his friends. They’re sure to add a fun touch to baking days with the little one.

Price: $29.95

Herbie and Desserts Tea Towel:

Tasty treats decorate this fun tea towel along with Herbie the bear and his friends. It’s sure to brighten up your kitchen.

Price: $7.95

Pink and Donuts Letterpress Birthday Card:

Scrumptious pink & gold foiled donuts are the highlight of this letterpress birthday card. Representing decades of heartfelt connections, Marcel Schurman embodies a sensibility all its own.

Price: $5.95

Treat Yourself Folio Gift Card Holder:

A polka-dot turquoise grosgrain ribbon tie brings together this gift card holder featuring sweet treat tip-ons embellished with glitter. Great for any occasion, treat someone special!

Price: $5.95

Sweets Printed Journal:

Find inspiration for your next writing project with this sweet soft-cover journal. Delightful images of tarts, donuts, and other yummy desserts decorate the cover with a pretty pink satin ribbon to mark your spot.

Price: 15.95

Illustrated Donuts Boxed Notes (Set-of-20):

Send a friend a sweet message of hello or thanks with this fun note card that features an array of illustrated donuts.

Price: $15.95


Cami’s Favorite Things May Edition

May has been a great month for Cami. She turned 1 on June 2 so all of May she got a ton of toys and treats! Here are some of the best things she love this month.

Dog Toys from Hartz: Tug Toy  – I could not figure out why she was so obsessed then I realized this toy is bacon scented!  Our Dura Play® brand is made even more fun and interactive with the Tug of Fun® line extension of toys. The ball’s tough latex shell and foam filling make for a desirable chew, while the sturdy rope running through the toy offers enjoyable hours of tugging and tossing. The Double Ring toy consists of a ball at the center and two rope loops that are easy to grasp on both ends of the toy. Owner and pet will enjoy a challenging game of tug! The toy is bacon-scented, too.


She also loves the duck toy too! This toy is so cute and very durable. Made from ballistic nylon, they are durable and made for strong play and chew. The rope adds interactive play value between owner and pet – they even float!

Twigo Pet Tag: This Love TAG is sooo cute! She loves wearing this tag to day care 🙂

Kick Fetch – I loved this toy at Petco and it was $30+ but I found it on Amazon for half the price!


Bring Out Your Inner Goddess with Smolder Cosmetics

Ready to get your glam on this summer? Accentuate your best assets with Smolder Cosmetics, the bold brand that delivers high quality, beautiful makeup! With a goal to make beauty fun again with exciting packaging and experience, Smolder Cosmetics offers an array of highlighters, eye shadows, and matte lipsticks to help you confidently pamper that sexy skin. When it comes to makeup, Smolder Cosmetics believes YOU are the artist. Bring forth your inner most fabulous, unique and bold self with this perfectly playful beauty brand.

Growing up in Los Angeles, founders – and cousins – Vivian and Eileen created Smolder Cosmetics through the guidance of their mothers. Inspired by the two women who immigrated to the United States and became business partners in the beauty industry, they learned the tricks of the trade. With everything from signature metallic mailers to their unique packaging, these creative cousins are on a mission to provide a magical experience when customers open each and every glam goodie.

Want to turn your daytime makeup into nighttime golden glam? Discover the different beauty products from Smolder Cosmetics that will easily transition you from work to a white hot date night:

  • Liquid Matte Lipstick Bundle – Ashley Rosales: The latest collection in collaboration with Ashley Rosales (also known as @mua_ashley_), this collection consists of three breathtaking shades, including a fun and playful pink, a soft peach, and a rich plum! Perfect for a transition into spring and summer, this revolutionary formulation of lip products makes liquid matte lipsticks an absolute must-have. Rich in pigment with a smooth, velvety finish, this long-lasting lipstick has pretty packaging designed after a girl’s best friend: diamonds!
  • Loose Glam Dust:Whether you’re rockin’ the Rosé or more of a White Gold goddess, these concentrated, iridescent dust pigments can be used dry or wet for exceptional color! Pack on pigments with the Dazzle Lock Primer to keep them in place and intensify the bright hues. Make a gorgeous highlighter or create a dramatic eyeliner with this vibrant, versatile glam dust!
  • Aurelia Pressed Highlighter: Teamwork makes the dreamwork with this NEWPressed Highlighter in collaboration with the gorgeous and talented Nina Momdzhyan, also known as @mua_nina! A shimmery peach and sun-kissed gold duochrome hue that blends seamlessly for an unparalleled glow and extraordinary highlight, this silky smooth texture allows for a buildable radiance. Aurelia can be used as a gorgeous highlight, blush topper or even eye shadow!

From your morning beauty routine to a late afternoon touch-up, every beautiful step you take brings you closer to unleashing that inner goddess. Boost your beauty with Smolder Cosmetics!

All products are available online only athttps://smoldercosmetics.comincluding Liquid Matte Lipsticks ($15) + Bundles ($40), Loose Glam Dusts ($9), and Aurelia Pressed Highlighter ($25).


That’s a Wrap! The Makeup Show NYC, Next Stop Chicago

The Makeup Show NYC, which continues to be the largest pro-driven beauty event in the world, was held on Sunday, May 7th and Monday, May 8th at Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. The Makeup Show NYC brings together everyone’s favorite brands – from MAKE UP FOR EVER, Smashbox, and Kat Von D Beauty — as well as some of the biggest names in the beauty industry including Jordan Liberty who was named Artist of the Year for the show’s first-ever Pro Awards. Attendees, who came from all professional corners of the beauty industry, were able to shop for products from over 85 different brands, get tips from nearly 50 different inspirational keynote speakers and seminars, attend hands-on workshops, the first-ever The Makeup Beauty Brunch, and the return of the Beauty Tour NYC.

Shelly Taggar, Owner of The Makeup Show states, “The Makeup Show is not only a trade show or just a place to shop and take classes, it is a place to get inspired, get focused, to be among other industry peers, and share your knowledge and experience and love of makeup. The Makeup Show has given artists opportunity and has changed so many people’s lives, and that makes me very proud. We are looking forward to continuing this trend in 2017 with our next stop in Chicago, and following that Dallas and Los Angeles.”

The Makeup Show NYC Highlights The Makeup Show NYC featured over 85 top beauty brands including: Diamond Sponsor MAKE UP FOR EVER, Platinum Sponsor Crown Brush and Temptu PRO, Silver Sponsor Frends Beauty, Kat Von D and NYX Professional Makeup, Supporting Sponsors INGLOT Cosmetics, Alcone, MustaeV, Smashbox, and L’Oreal, Contributing Sponsors Glamcortec, Bdellium Tools and Pinnacle Cosmetics, and School Sponsor MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy.

The Makeup Show NYC kicked off the morning of Saturday, May 6th with The Makeup Show Beauty Brunch. This event gave attendees the opportunity to mingle with press, and share some time with their favorite artists and brands. Guests sipped champagne cocktails and celebrated the beauty business and brought home a gift bag full of the pro community’s favorite products. The Beauty Brunch was sponsored by MAKE UP FOREVER Academy, NYX Professional Makeup, Crown Brush, Glamcortec, and Perfect 365.

This year The Makeup Show NYC hosted the industry’s first ever, The Makeup Show Pro Awards, an annual awards series that allows makeup professionals the opportunity to show their favorite products and peers a little industry love. Jordan Liberty took home the win for Artist of the Year, who was proven by his peers as a master of his craft and an artist that has made an indelible mark on the industry this year. Brands from Ardell Lashes, MAKE UP FOR EVER, Urban Decay, MAC Cosmetics, Kat Von D Beauty, and RCMA took home the win for products in their awarding categories!

The Makeup Show Art Gallery- Colors of Beauty highlighted the work of incredibly talented Moises Ramirez. His gallery was a selection of multimedia pieces from various art collections that he has worked on in the past few years. His inspiration was drawn from when he was studying mixed medium and digital arts at Arizona State University; he branched off into the beauty world with a position for a creative global cosmetic company. Ramirez’s style is unique because it incorporates his art form skills of painting, makeup, and photography. The Makeup Show NYC featured a rare lineup of keynote speakers by top celebrity makeup artists and icons from around the world. A few in attendance included Romero Jennings, Jordan Liberty, Kevin James Bennett, and Vlada Haggerty. Each of these artists shared their secrets to success and techniques in inspiring keynotes and demonstrations. Hands On Workshops allowed a limited number of dedicated artists to be a part of intense learning with some of the largest names in the industry including Orlando Santiago, James Vincent, Esterique Aidan, Danessa Myricks, and Esterique who spoke on topics such as editorial beauty to the perfect makeup for photography to fundamentals of complexion and contour.

The Makeup Show NYC went out with a bang, finishing up with the return of the Beauty Tour NYC. Guests of the Beauty Tour were able to tour the city by bus with James Vincent, stopping at some of his favorite inspirational New York City spots, such as MAKE UP FOR EVER, NYX Professional Makeup, MAC, Sephora, Temptu, and The Body Shop.

About The Makeup Show NYC

The Makeup Show brings two—days full of inspiration, education and an opportunity for fashion and beauty professionals at all levels of their career to come together with some of the best brands and biggest names in the business. The Makeup Show is owned by Shelly Taggar and Alan Boss and produced by Metropolitan Event & Production and travels internationally from LA, NYC, Dallas, Chicago, and Orlando. Each show offers an unparalleled lineup of education and appearances from top beauty professionals, brings over 75 top beauty brands together, and focuses on career building and networking within the makeup community. The show provides a unique experience for the makeup professional to network directly from the best in the business. You can also stay up to date on the hottest show news through an informative blog covering all things beauty at Also, be sure to connect on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.