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    Kimora Lee Simmons Spring Summer 18 from New York Fashion Week

    Longtime designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist Kimora Lee Simmons unveiled her new Spring / Summer 2018 eponymous RTW collection today at New York Fashion week. The presentation casts the spotlight on Simmons’ daughter, Ming Lee Simmons, who at 17 is following in her mother’s footsteps as a model and burgeoning creative director. This season’s collection, staged at the iconic Bowery Hotel, plays off of the juxtaposition of strong, vivid color against softer, easier travel-ready styles designed to empower. The color story and novelty fabrics from Spring / Summer 2018 are inspired by the vibrancy, textures and colors of Morocco. Colors such as desert pink, electric blue, sunrise orange, magenta, and medallion…

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    This year, the Chinese designer to showcase her work Yiwei Xu made her NYFW debut when her All Comes From Nothing runway show premiered at Industria on September 8th.   LULU did the live sketch at ACFN fashion show. THE LINE All Comes From Nothing (ACFN) is women’s wear created by artist and designer Eva Yiwei Xu. ACFN is dedicated to women with creative lifestyles.  THE ATTITUDE: COMING OF AGE The ACFN woman is determined to experience life and the world as it is. No longer lost on finding who she is or how to be, she has reached a point in her life where she knows herself deeply. With her…

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    BetsyElisa Inc’s annual Pre-Fashion Week Beauty Bar

    Here are the photos from Betsy Elisa Inc’s pre-fashion week beauty bar~   “We all want to look our best, but making time for ourselves is a daily challenge. Now, you can look beautiful on demand – anytime and anywhere – with BetsyElisa Beauty.”   Perfect for today’s on-the-go woman who’s seriously short on time, BetsyElisa Beauty is like having your very own glam squad right there at your beck and call. BetsyElisa Beauty‘s talented team includes some of the most skilled leaders in the beauty industry, and all are hand-selected to give you professional results at your convenience. Learn more at betsyelisa.com/about BetsyElisa is a on demand hair and makeup…

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    Fun and Adorable: The 10 Perfect Toys for Twins

    A first-time mother and father’s dream is to hold and caress their newborn son or daughter. Through the whole nine months of expecting a baby boy or a little girl, the sweetest moment is when they finally hold and get to take their baby home . Ever heard of the saying, “Two is better than one?” That’s the same feeling parents feel when they get to know that they’re having twins. Taking care of twins is a very rewarding experience. Everything comes in doubles. Double the diapers, double the milk, double the fun, and double the  everything. Admittedly, taking care of twins also requires twice the effort from parents. However,…

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    Unleash Your Badassery With The Love Bomb Company

    Need a little positivity pick-me-up? Toss your hair in a bun, drink some coffee, put on some gangsta rap and spread love with the mugs, mason jars, totes, and other awesome essentials from The Love Bomb Company! Created to show off the power of positivity, The Love Bomb Company truly believes that one loving intention can change everything. When holding a product, you can feel the power in your hands. It’s not just a coffee mug or tote, but a mantra right in your mitts. The next time you grab your cup from the cupboard or pick up that trendy tote, improveyour day with a daily dose of awesome – The Love Bomb Company! Based out of Portland, Oregon, Jenna – the owner, designer, and creator behind The Love Bomb Company…

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    Celebrate World Smile Day with POPWHITE Purple Toothpaste

    World Smile Day is Friday, October 6th! Make sure to put your best smile forward by brightening & whitening your teeth with POPWHITE, The Dental Cosmetic! You’ve heard about color-correcting techniques when it comes to hair and makeup (purple shampoo neutralizes brassiness in blond hair, green concealer hides red face spots). But you probably haven’t heard about using it to whiten yellowish teeth. POPWHITE is a brand new toothpaste and mouthwash that does just that—corrects yellow stains on your teeth with its unique purple formula. It’s a new and natural way to whiten teeth without sensitivity. Popwhite’s peroxide-free Primer (toothpaste) and Toner (oral rinse) whiten, brighten, polish and clean teeth while freshening breath with…

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