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Heydoyou Blogger LULU Hosted Fashion Illustration Event With LANYU Fashion

Lulu hosted a fashion illustration event at LANYU New York Studio at Saint Patrick’s Day, March 10th. All the attendees wore green color outfits to enjoy the great moment at LANYU’s fashion space at Flatiron in Manhattan, New York.

Lulu is a fashion illustrator living in New York, she works for as editor and illustrator for almost 3 years. She loves art and fashion. After she graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology, she started her career as a professional illustrator and blogger. Her past clients includes Euro Star, New York Fashion Week, Taoray Wang, Di Lusso, China National Radio, Joe’s Pizza, Angelika Theater and so on. She loves capturing the beautiful moments in the life and putting them on the paper!

All the people who was invited to the event had the opportunity to be illustrated a live sketch by Lulu at the event. Lulu has been working at New York Fashion Week to draw live sketches for different designers for three years. She could draw a live sketch portrait in 3 minutes! Is that amazing?!

About LANYU:

LANYU is the namesake brand of China’s premiere luxury designer Lan Yu. Lan Yu’s design often incorporates Su embroidery – a traditional technique that has been handed down for generations in the designer’s family and is best known forits elegance, intricacy and photorealistic quality. LANYU was founded in 2005 and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, and New York.

If you would love to know more information please check out Lulu’s website: and LANYU official:


The Las Vegas American Advertising “Addy” Awards

The annual American Advertising Awards celebrate creativity in local advertising. As the only advertising awards show in Las Vegas, winners go right to regionals and then on to nationals. All entries are independently judged, and winners are announced at the Addy awards show.

Here are the list of winners from R&R Partners! Very proud of everyone’s hard work 🙂

Especially to Vaitari Anderson and his team for his vision to bring the Las Vegas VR Art project, LVCVA – Vegas Alter Your Reality, to life!

Gold Award Print Advertising, Magazine Advertising, Spread, Multiple Page or Insert – Single

LVCVA- Taxi Line

Gold Award Out-of-Home & Ambient Media, Events- Single Event

LVCVA – Vegas Alter Your Reality

Gold Award, Online/Interactive Social Media Campaign

LVCVA- Kiss Cam Snapchat

Gold Award, Film, Video & Sound TV Regional/National, Single Spot

LVCVA- Dream Vacation

Gold Award, Film, Video & Sound TV Regional/National, Single Spot

LVCVA- 11 am Roses

Gold Award, Cross Platform, Integrated Advertising Campaign, Consumer Campaign National

NV Energy-Power of Good-NV Energy

Silver Award, Online/Interactive, Social Media Single Execution

LVCVA-Farewell Hef

Silver Award, Cross Platform Integrated Campaigns, Integrated Brand ID Campaign, Local or Regional/National

Life is Beautiful Campaign

Bronze Award- Magazine Advertising


Bucket List- Worth Magazine

Bronze Award- Branded Content & Entertainment

LVCVA – Vegas Alter Your Reality

Bronze Award, Out-of-Home Installations

LVCVA – Vegas Alter Your Reality

Bronze Award, Out-of-Home Poster

Life is Beautiful, Line Up Poster

Bronze Award, Apps- Virtual Reality

LVCVA – Vegas Alter Your Reality

Bronze Award- Internet Commercial

LVCVA, Vegas Hockey




Purchasing the perfect engagement ring can seem like an impossible task: how to find the faultless piece of jewelry that not only fits with your style and budget, but also manages to represent everything that’s special about your relationship. While there’s the cut, color, carat, and clarity to consider, ultimately it all comes down to finding something that you and your significant other will both love.


Luckily, Enchanted Diamonds, a leading online jeweler specializing in bespoke engagement rings and quality diamonds, has made this ‘not-so-small’ task easier than ever before by providing the entire world with insider access to New York City’s master jewelers without ever having to leave your home. A huge benefit of shopping online when you’re looking for an engagement ring or diamond is access to a larger selection, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your unique needs, wants and budget.


With experience spanning generations, Enchanted bypasses the layers of middlemen and pushy salespeople, providing you with superior service and craftsmanship—so you can make the most of every moment! Plus, every single piece is custom-made to your specifications directly with the help of an Enchanted expert; so you’re not just buying another mass-produced commodity, you’re actually commissioning a work of art!


Check out these three styles designed by Joshua Niamehr, Founder/CEO of Enchanted Diamonds, to help spark some inspiration:

Additionally, Enchanted Diamonds custom creates a wide variety of jewelry from pendants to earrings to bracelets, which is especially great for special occasions like Mother’s Day, graduation, birthdays, and anniversaries—essentially whenever you’re looking to purchase a luxurious gift for your loved ones.



Enchanted Diamonds, a leading online jeweler specializing in bespoke engagement rings and quality diamonds, is a family owned and operated business headquartered in New York, New York. Founded in 2012 by Joshua Niamehr, a 2nd generation jewelry designer and 4th generation diamond dealer, Enchanted has quickly become a disruptor in the diamond industry for bridging the online and offline worlds. For more information, please visit:

FIND US ON SOCIAL: Instagram/Twitter: @EnchantedNYC | Facebook: @EnchantedDiamonds


Make it Grill-tastic!

Make it Grill-tastic! Just because of the winter chill doesn’t mean you have to give up the flavor of the grill! Primo Grill – the ultimate in BBQs- also has a line of must- have spices for a taste you can sink your teeth into!

Primo Gourmet Seasonings & Dry Rubs feature:

  • Created by a culinary chef and food scientist
  • Three distinctive flavors to choose from
  • All blends use fresh herbs, spices and oils for enhanced natural flavor
  • Extracts of red wine, white wine and bourbon whiskey added for complexity
  • Can be used as a dry rub or added to cooked meat and vegetables
  • 11oz bottles

Options include:

  • Bourbon Whiskey Twist | Steak Also Great on Beef, Pork, Poultry and Vegetables. This buttery bourbon steak dust is teeming with a smokey barrel mash flavor.
  • Chicago Stockyard | Beef Also Great on Steak, Pork, Poultry and Vegetables. A handcrafted blend of smoky paprika, garlic, Ancho chili peppers, sea salt and savory Worcestershire make this a perfect and versatile seasoning.
  • Kleftiko Barrel Wine | Lamb Also Great on Pork, Poultry and Vegetables. The bold flavors are derived from the hearty red wine, rosemary, mustard, and farm fresh citrus used to marinate their bounty.

Whether snow, rain or shine, bring home the flavor with Primo Grill’s Gourmet Seasonings and Dry Rubs!

Prices vary – available at Primo Grill dealers.


Primo is the only ceramic grill made in the USA. We are proud of the American ingenuity and craftsmanship we put into each of our grills. Our Patented Oval Design outperforms all round ceramic grills by holding more food and offering simultaneous direct and indirect two-zone cooking. Grill sizzling steaks directly over the charcoal and roast tender foods like seafood and vegetables on the indirect side without charring the food. Grill, bake, roast or smoke any food. To learn more and to find a Primo Dealer near you go to


Interview Beauty Mastermind’s Secrets Behind Kylie Jenner, Kim K, & Chrissy Teigen’s Glow

Learn secrets to apply the perfect at-home spray tan this winter with the foremost expert Marcella Arthur who was featured this week in US Weekly sharing her secrets behind the perfect wintertime glow for her clients Kim KardashianChrissy Teigen, Leonardo DiCaprioMiranda KerrBlake LivelyJessica Simpson and Fergie. We would love to arrange an interview with Marcella who is behind Hollywood’s most famous tans, and feature her brand new Suvara by SixPlusThree self-tan spray that makes it possible for anyone to get the same luxurious and vitamin rich glow as Tinseltown’s A-list.

Now available nationwide for the first time, we would love to send you Hollywood’s secret non-gender specific home self-tanning solution Suvara by SixPlusThree and connect you with its founder and creator Marcella who has celebrities singing the praises of her one-of-a-kind vitamin and antioxidant enriched tanning formulation that is low in DHA, organic and contains vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid which makes you notice a glow behind the tan.

With professional expert Suvara tanners across the country, and now the new take home SixPlusThree Spray & Glow solution so that everyone anywhere can experience the same tanning glow, Suvara World has become a nation-wide phenomenon. Kylie Jenner recently blogged about Suvara’s natural results and how the new sunless bronzer is her must have “Tan in a Can” when she travels. What started out as an experiment by a pharmacist and partner whose wife had gone through her own battle of skin cancer, has now spurred a cult like following for their solution that has been attested to be the best by an A-list clientele that continues to grow. Thanks to CEO and founder, Marcella Arthur, Suvara World has been developing and manufacturing luxury sunless solutions and skin care that delivers unmatched results. Their premium formulation has been the “Go To” sunless airbrush choice of celebrities that demand a product that is organic, full of skin nutrients and that will give them a natural glow that will gradually fade giving them a more natural look. Not to be mistaken with a traditional spray tan, Suvara Airbrush sessions are an experience like no other that will leave you feeling naturally sun kissed and fresh.

The new SixPlusThree Spray & Glow is a unique hydrating instant self tanning spray solution scientifically developed with the highest in quality ingredients for all skins types and genders. Suvara World’s one-of-kind special fine tip applicator spray ensures optimal results. Enriched with a light bronzer that will add an instant natural looking radiance to your skin, while the gradual elements develop to deliver a beautiful just kissed by the sun glow.

Luxury Brands LLC files multi-million dollar lawsuit against Life Marketing Group CEO Shauky Gulamani and Named Defendants

Luxury Brands LLC Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit in Federal Court

Against Life Marketing Group CEO Shauky Gulamani and Named Defendants

Luxury Brands LLC, successor-in-interest to FHI Brands LLC, and AG Global Products LLC, files multi-million dollar federal lawsuit against Shauky Gulamani, former President and CEO of FHI Brands LLC, plus three additional defendants, for six causes of action.

On January 23rd, 2018, plaintiff Luxury Brands LLC, owner of FHI Heat and FHI Brands, a leading global innovator of professional styling tools, products and accessories, filed suit for damages in federal court, naming defendants Shaukat Gulamani a/k/a Shauky Gulamani, former President and CEO of FHI Brands LLC and AG Global Products LLC; Life Marketing Group LLC; Shawn Kochendorfer, former Purchasing and Planning Manager of FHI Brands LLC; Shirley Jung, former Product Development and Production Manager of AG Global LLC and FHI Brands LLC.  The causes of action alleged in the complaint are as follows:

  1. Violation of the Defend Trade Secrets Act
  2. Violation of the California Uniform Trade Secrets Act
  3. Breach of Fiduciary Duties and Duty of Loyalty
  4. Violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  5. Breach of Contract
  6. Unfair Competition

“As CEO’s we are bound by integrity and a moral compass, and it is our fiduciary duty, first and foremost, to protect the interest of our company and employees.  Our staff looks to us as role models, and it is our grave responsibility to lead by example in order to maintain their respect.  It is incredibly disappointing, in this day and age, that some people feel it necessary to lie, cheat and steal in order to get ahead.  As hard as Mr. Gulamani tried to disparage our industry reputation, steal our trade secrets, solicit employees and put FHI Brands out of business, we are still here, we are still standing and we are stronger than ever.”- Michael Dodo, President and CEO of Luxury Brands LLC.

The complaint has been filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California and has been assigned case number 2:18-cv-00586


The Luxury Brands LLC. brand portfolio includes FHI Heat®, STYLUS™, NEO BOND™, Hair Veil™ and Daily Beauty. FHI Heat is a world-renowned provider of Professional Hair Care products, offering the industry’s highest quality and most technologically advanced hair tools. STYLUS, the award-winning tool innovation, is part of a collection of thermal styling brushes that has generated buzz from fans worldwide. It’s the winner of the Stylist Choice Award for Favorite New Innovative Hair Tool. Hair Veil Powder Hair Filler is a game changer for fine hair, creating the appearance of thicker, richer, fuller hair while eliminating shiny spots, exposed scalp and camouflaging scars. Daily Beauty care and styling products provide smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair. Neo-Bond is a revolutionary formula that instantly repairs and protects the hair during and after all chemical services. For more information visit