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    Stocking Stuffing Idea – First Ever Trail Mix with Beef Bites

    Seeking for some holiday snacks? Let do a healthy way in this Christmas. For the people who love chocolate, nuts and meats! I have an perfect idea for them to eat all these treats in one package. It is Stryve Biltong, the #1 brand in beef biltong, the high protein, low sugar alternative to jerky! Usually trail mix can’t have meat snacks in it because it tends to get soggy when mixed in, so this groundbreaking mix of nuts and seeds is a first-of-its kind, coming in Original, Jalapeño and Dark Chocolate flavors. Last month, Stryve Biltong, the leader in beef biltong snacks, announced the launch of the first ever Trail…

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    Best Lotions for the Pregnancy Bump!

    I am just past the 8-month mark woohoo… And my belly seems to be big as ever. But people ask me if I am 4 months… or? But I feel great this third trimester and the growing belly skin needs love. When I’m soaking, the belly is over the water line and really needs its own type of TLC. I used a lot of various oils like sweet almond, coconut and shea butter but sometimes I just want to opt for the convenience of a pump lotion that absorbs quickly.  Here are my top picks for a belly lotions to try! Jergens Skin Illuminating Moisturizer Enhanced with a subtle touch of…

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    At Home Pet Spa Treatment with Kibble Pet

      Tomorrow is the day of Cami’s TPLO surgery on her right knee! We went back and forth last 7 months and we finally decided to do this surgery for her. She has been limping badly after running and playing and the dr confirmed that it is time. So in anticipation for her 12 week at home recovery, I have been pampering her to the max before the big day. I took her to the Strip for shopping! We went to Anthropologie and sniffed the fake snow and got lots of pets from everyone. And then we went to the park for a nice sunny stroll. Cami met a few…

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    Lulu Traveled Across The Country in sts Blue

    I moved to San Diego from New York, and I chose to drive a RV across the country! It was an amazing trip, especially wearing my customized sts Blue jacket. It is great for almost any of my styles. Of course it is also very comfortable, fashionable, keeps me warm in those several cold days. At The Vault Kitchen and Market restaurant at Savannah At Panama City Beach On the RV At Tucson’s famous sandwich store – Bison Witches It is also very sweet when people stopped by me and asked what is the meaning of the words on the back of the jacket – definitely attracts a lot of…

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    Company seeks world’s first Social Petworking Coach?

    ou’ve heard of the social network, but how about the Social Petwork for talented pets with a possible celebrity career? A creative global hunt has been launched to find a unique specialist to help make more pets online stars. The website Petlandia – www.Petlandia.com – which helps pet owners create custom books starring their pets in fun adventures is now scouring the globe for a “Social Petworking Coach” – a bona fide social media coach for pets/pet owners. This would not just be the first such specialist hired by Petlandia – but also the world’s first. See the job description: https://www.petlandia.com/usa/work-with-us/ The successful candidate is wanted to help nurture the next generation of online pet celebrities and…

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    PUR attitude™ announced that it donated $25 of for each Wild Durian Fruit Peel sold during the Month of October to National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.® (NBCF). NBCF is an organization dedicated as much to the prevention of the disease, as it is to the cure, and holds excellent ratings with independent charity reviewers. PURattitude chose to work with NBCF due to its alignment with PUR attitude’s own core mission to carry out responsible industry practices by providing carcinogen-free skincare. “While PUR attitude is a clean beauty brand that focuses on healthy beauty science, October is a month to celebrate pink and everything that color has come to represent in the fight against breast cancer,” said PURattitudeFounder David Pollock.…