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    Valentine’s Day Essentials – Keep Your Loved Ones Warm as the Temps Continue to Plummet

    Hi ladies, now we have Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him! I know you are expecting this for a while because gifts idea for guys is always a difficult question. Today I am going to introduce a fashion product. What? Fashion product for men? Oh, no no no… It is a fashion product with technology. It’s super chilly outside and winter’s not over yet! Let Volt Heat help you and the ones you love stay warm and toasty when you’re outside in the cold. Volt Heat’s collection keeps every part of you warm when you’re in the unforgiving elements. 20-degress will have nothing on you when you’re dressed in Volt. With its innovative heated…

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    Gift For Two Most Important Ladies In Your Life At This Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is coming. It is a season for love and gifts. Every year you might have the same question – What should I get for her? No worries, it is a difficult question for all the guys. But thankfully, we are here to help. Giving you the best idea to have a perfect gift for your love. Gifts for women are usually very easy – clothes, accessories, cosmetics, even just a box of chocolate. But a gift which she surely loves is not that easy. Especially she has her own nice taste. For a woman who is elegant, here is a great brand that you should definitely consider about.…

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    Artisan L’uxe – Bio Beauty by Sue Devitt

    Sue Devitt began her cosmetics career as one of Hollywood’s top celebrity makeup artists. As founder and CEO of Sue Devitt Beauty, Sue developed a cult following for her results-oriented makeup and skincare line sold internationally in prestigious retailers including Sephora, Barneys New York, Bloomingdales, Macy’s QVC, Fenwicks and Harvey Nichols. Ms. Devitt‘s artistry has graced the runways of Valentino, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta. She has collaborated with world famous fashion photographers for Vogue, Allure, Glamour, InStyle and Elle, among others. Sue has appeared as a Beauty Expert on NBC’s Today Show, ABC, Entertainment Tonight, Oprah and E’s Fashion Police and has worked with A-List celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson,…

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    Pressed Juicery Celebrates Minnie Mouse’s 90th Anniversary

    As part of Disney’s continued celebration of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s 90th anniversary, and in honor of Minnie fan holiday National Polka Dot Day (Jan. 22), Disney is encouraging fans to #MinnieStyle with events in Los Angeles and New York and new collections launching both online and at retail. Loved for her infectious, upbeat nature, Minnie Mouse first made her debut in the groundbreaking animated classic, Steamboat Willie, and has remained a global icon ever since. Known for her fun style, classic polka dots and bold patterns, Minnie has served as a muse for fashion designers, artists and fans around the globe. Luxury milliner Gigi Burris, Torrid, Happy Feet,…

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    Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him

    The day is coming! Are you nervous for that special date night? A nice gift for him will make you feel better, because you are confident to give something out and gain happiness back. But what kind of gift is good for a man? That is a good question. Let me list something that he might like, you can choose one from here. No need to thank me, just see the list below! Leather-wrapped Pint Glasses $29.00 Guys commonly get together for weekly poker nights, to watch sporting events and to just hang out and catch up. Enjoying a beverage or two during guy time isn’t out of the norm,…

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    Yoni Steam – Ancient Wisdom for Women’s Wellness

    Although every woman experiences them differently, at least 80% of women experience menstrual cramps. For some, the menstrual cramps, which are medically known as dysmenorrhea, can be very intense, or even debilitating. For others, cramps are described as a dull and throbbing pain in the lower abdominal area that maybe annoying or distracting. Ladies, the great news is that using natural, often ancient knowledge and remedies, we can support our reproductive systems to work more efficiently and effectively. We have the ability to take control of the factors that influence how our body and uterus work. So next time you feel like popping a pain killer and lying in bed,…

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