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Pure CBD Vapors: An Online Marketplace for CBD Products

Pure CBD Vapors is excited to announce the growth in the availability of high-quality CBD products on their online marketplace. Offering a large number of different products and CBD applications developed and manufactured by over 25 different brands, Pure CBD Vapors is quickly establishing itself as the premier online marketplace for all CBDgoods.

CBD has become increasingly popular over the last few years, as people learn more about the benefits and applications of the unique extracts and isolates, and Pure CBD Vapors has worked to cultivate a marketplace where people can shop for their favorite brands and products.


  • Every product is 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Vaping CBD Oil May be More Efficient than Taking Sublingual according to a Study by Leafly.
  • Discreet Packaging
  • We  Only Carry Trusted/Proven CBD Brands
  • Great Delivery System – Vaping, Sublingual or Edibles
  • Best Pricing
  • Over 270,000 Customers

When you get your first CBD Vape Oil you will never forget it!

Pure Vapors CBD has dedicated itself to becoming an online marketplace where consumers seeking CBD products can find a variety of CBD applications ranging from oils, tinctures, creams and sprays, capsules, dabs, edibles, concentrates and more, as well as being offered in products specifically designed for both people and pets.

“With so many CBD snake oils [of little or no proven value] in the marketplace, we are proud to offer high quality, lab tested CBD products to our 270,000 customers and we continue to be the Trusted CBD Source.”

Those who are interested in high-quality CBD products sold on the Pure CBD Vapors online CBD marketplace may visit


Americana Uncut is second to none when it comes to CBD vape cartridges. Founded in 2018, their distinctive, proprietary blend of CBD has overtaken the market for high-strength carts. Americana Uncut consists of a Decarboxylated Broad Spectrum Distillate with 65% total CBD. Their mission is simple and understandable; they hands-down offer the Strongest CBD Cartridges available in today’s marketplace. Not only will you get the most potent stuff here on this page, but you will also get an array of strain-flavors on top of the heat. They don’t mess around with anything except CBD vaporizer cartridges. It is because of that extreme concentration of thought that they are currently leading the CBD cart market.

The distilled flavor profile is as follows; the electrical AC/DC, the monstrous Grape Ape, the mac-daddy of them all OG Kush, and the infamous Trainwreck. If and when you see CBD oil for sale at other websites, do yourself a favor and take a deep breath, exhale, and come right back to Pure CBD Vapors. Because of brands like Americana Uncut, as Pure Vapors CBD offers the industries top, most trusted CBD brands available bare none. Strength and Consistency are twins when it comes to these products. Americana Uncut is proudly made in the United States of America and proudly consumed in the USA! People often ask, is CBD safe? It is because of that question that Pure Vapors CBD loves American-made CBD products. When you shop here, the answer to that question is a resounding yes! CBD is always safe when you purchase it from us. Pure Vapors CBD vets these brands like Pure Vapors CBD will be consuming them ourselves, well, Pure Vapors CBD does. Pure CBD Vapors is proud to have Americana Uncut on their team and trust that they are the Number One Source for CBD Retail in North America!

About Pure CBD Vapors

Pure CBD Vapors was created to be an online marketplace for high-quality, flavorful, and trusted CBD products. intending to uphold and maintain the quality of CBD products available, all products available in the online marketplace are lab-tested and held to rigorous quality standards.



Everyday activities ranging from cooking or chores to exercising or commuting to work can lead to a grimy buildup on diamond and gemstone jewelry. What’s more, putting on makeup, lotion, hair products, sunscreen or perfume leaves a film on rings, making it look dull and dingy. Even food, soap or oils from fingers can cause problems. While it’s always best to try and avoid getting a ring dirty to begin with by removing it or wearing gloves when appropriate, it’s not always practical to keep taking the ring on and off.

To keep rings looking sparkling and beautiful, clean them easily at home with ORBIT: The Smart Ring Cleaner.  ORBIT safely cleans all types of diamond and gemstonerings, as well as men’s and women’s wedding bands in gold and platinum.  With a patented 360-degree
“twist-brush” design, this innovative cleaner gently reaches under and around the stones with a simple spin of the wrist.  In just 60 seconds, using water and dish soap, ringswill come out sparkling clean.  Depending upon a person’s lifestyle, rings should be cleaned at least once a month.

“I’ve been in the fine jewelry business for over 20 years,” says ORBIT creator Adam Shatz.
“My customers are always asking how to protect their investment by keeping their rings clean.
I wanted to design something that is effective, yet quick and easy to use, affordable and safe for both the jewelry and the environment, without the use of harsh chemicals.  The result is ORBIT, a one-of-a- kind jewelry cleaning device.  With proper care, you and your rings can live happily ever after.”

The ORBIT cleaner is not only for diamond and gemstone engagement, wedding and anniversary rings, but also for gold and platinum wedding bands to help keep them from looking discolored. It’s also not just for women’s jewelry.

“More and more men are choosing rings with intricate patterns or gemstones which need the same upkeep to stay looking their best,” adds Shatz.

It’s important to keep anything abrasive like bleach or household cleaners away from jewelry. These can damage the metal.  In addition, contrary to popular belief, do not use baking soda or toothpaste, as they are not good for diamonds. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners should also be avoided for home use since the strong vibrations could possibly cause stones to become loose.  Other safety tips for rings include making sure to keep them in a designated jewelry holder or box when removed and keeping drains closed whenrings are near sinks or tubs.  Use soft lint-free cloths for drying rings and hands when possible, and periodically check for loose stones or prongs.


Tips for a Tasty Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day, which is always the first Monday in September, is just around the corner, making it the perfect time for planning something special. This year marks the 125th anniversary of the celebration that honors the American worker and is the unofficial end of summer. Millions of people around the country will take the day off and relax, attend events, and hold their own backyard celebrations. Having a tasty celebration is easier than one may think, and planning ahead can make a world of difference in keeping the celebration stress-free.

“Having a gathering for Labor Day is a great way to have fun, mingle, and enjoy some wonderful food,” explains Mathil Chebat, the mother and executive chef of Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant, a family-owned and operated restaurant. “The centerpiece of your celebration is going to be the food you serve, so you want to pay special attention to that and aim to please.”

Planning a backyard BBQ or fun Labor Day gathering will be welcomed by friends and co-workers. Here are some tips for having a tasty Labor Day celebration:

  • Wow the crowd. Opt for making something that is easy, yet will be a pleasant surprise for those who attend the celebration. Opting for something like barbecuing kabobs will give people a delicious meal that they will remember and you can brag about.
  • Make it a potluck. If you want to share the labor in preparing food for the gathering, consider making it a potluck. Make it more fun by picking a theme and asking people to bring a dish to share. Example themes include Mediterranean, Spanish, summer, Mexican fiesta, etc. You could have one in which everyone brings a dish that is a family favorite, or opt for a Meatless Monday theme, since the holiday will be on a Monday.
  • Choose drinks wisely. What you offer people to drink is going to make a big difference. Aim for a variety of options, so that there is something for everyone, and if you will be serving wine, try to pair it with what you are serving.
  • Consider catering. For you and your guests to really get a day off, consider catering your Labor Day celebration. It’s more affordable than you may think, and it saves you the time and effort of preparing food for everyone.
  • Serve sensational ready-made flavors. If you want to save time, opt for premade things you can put out, such as dips. Opt for ones that are expertly made and have a great reputation, such as those made by Lalya’s. Layla’s Food Company offers gourmet ready-made whips, dips, and more.
  • Employ psychology. There is a lot more that goes into creating a great-tasting meal at a gathering than just the food. Research has shown that the ambiance and even the plates make a difference. If a plate of food looks nice, for example, people tend to think it tastes better. Put a little effort into how the food area looks and the ambiance, and researchers say the guests will be more likely to find the food tastier.

“If you want the most stress-free and most delicious Labor Day celebration, let us help you out,” added Christiane Chebat, the daughter and catering director at Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant. “We have catering options to meet all of your needs. Your guests will love our menu, and you’ll love being able to relax and enjoy!”

Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant offers catering services for all sizes of gatherings and events, including parties, graduations, and work lunches. They are known for serving up some of the best authentic kabob’s in the area. There are catering options for those who are health-conscious, vegetarian, vegan, or wanting all organic.  Their catering options include hummus, grape leaves, falafel, meat pie, stuffed kibbeh, salads, moussaka, beef shawarma, kabobs, and more. The company also offers a line of ready-made products that are available in stores and farmers markets throughout Virginia and New York. The Layla’s Food Company product line includes Layla’s Garlic Whip, available in original, honey garlic, jalapeño cilantro, cranberry, and sun-dried tomato, and Layla’s Hummus, available in original and black bean.

Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant, located at 2217 Old Bridge Road in Woodbridge, Virginia, is owned by the Chebat family. The restaurant was started by Michael Chebat and his wife, Mathil, and it is run by them and their eight children. Together, they have created a menu that appeals to many, including those who are health-conscious, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and seeking organic options. The restaurant is open Monday-Thursday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, and Sunday from noon until 4:00 pm.

The company has defined a set of core values that include love, family, trust, quality, and flavor. Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant offers a menu filled with authentic Middle East dishes, including kabobs, falafel, hummus, grape leaves, beef shawarma, meat pies, stuffed cabbage, a Lebanese version of steak tartar, and a wine and beer menu. The restaurant also offers full catering services for birthdays, graduations, business events, work lunches, and more. Those who sign up for their email list will receive 10 percent off their next visit. For more information about Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant, visit the site at: For more information about Layla’s Food Company, including which stores carry the product line, visit the site:

About Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant

Located in Woodbridge, Virginia, Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant has been serving up authentic Middle East cuisine for over 10 years. Family-owned and operated, the company offers a wide variety of traditional dishes made from family recipes. The restaurant also offers catering and has a dip product line that is available in stores. For more information, visit:


Non-Profit Gramercy Neighborhood Associates Returns with Taste of Gramercy for 7th Year!


On Saturday, September 21st, from 12:00 to 4:00 PM, the 7th annual Taste of Gramercy Neighborhood event will take place at Irving Place between 17th and 18th Streets.

The ultimate food-lover’s affair, Taste of Gramercy Neighborhood features many of New York City’s top restaurants. Some of this year’s participants include favorites such as Bouley at Home, Boucherie, The Breslin, Irvington Bar and Restaurant, Taco Electrico, The Clocktower and many others.

“It’s been a true delight to see our event grow year after year,” said Alan Krevis, President of Gramercy Neighborhood Associates. “We have been fortunate enough to meet and help promote some extraordinary businesses who have sponsored our event and have seen a real impact on their growth subsequent to their participation.”

Tickets start to go on sale on August 1st and are available for purchase online at

Epicures act fast because early bird pricing ends on September 4th and last year this much-anticipated event sold out quickly!

Patrons can purchase six tastings or a full tasting which includes a tasting from each of the nearly two dozen participating restaurants.  A few of the gastronomic delights available this year include lobster rolls, North Haven Oysters “double-crunch” style with pomegranate and sesame seeds and arancini with beef ragu, buffalo mozzarella and saffron.

Taste of Gramercy Neighborhood, sponsored by the Gramercy Neighborhood Associates, promotes local businesses and introduces residents of NYC to the wonderful array of food that Gramercy and its surrounding area has to offer.  Every year net proceeds benefit healthy meal programs at local public schools, including PS 40 and School of the Future. In an attempt to let no food go to waste, all leftover food goes to feed the homeless via the Bowery Mission.

Taste of Gramercy Neighborhood event would not be possible without the generous support of its many sponsors, including Gramercy Neighborhood Associates, Halstead Property, Con Edison, Premier Pediatrics, Royal Orthodontics, Mount Sinai and Starry. Product Sponsors such as Breads Bakery, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, FOCO Coconut Water, Insomnia Cookies and Kombucha will also be giving away samples for ticket holders only.  Raffle items will be provided by Barry’s Bootcamp, Le Coq Rico, Kiehl’s, Sal Anthonys, Baked by Melissa, Racked, Tosler Davis and many more. For a full listing of our many participants please visit

About Gramercy Neighborhood Associates (GNA): 

Founded in 1912, GNA is one of the oldest community groups in New York City. GNA has been dedicated to making Gramercy Park one of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods to both live and work. We are committed to preserving the neighborhood’s historic character and significance while helping to foster its future growth by promoting local business and schooling. We also collaborate with the city on issues that impact the quality of lives of our neighbors. The GNA is responsible for hosting the Taste of Gramercy Neighborhood event every year. For more information about the event visit the event website at For more information or to become a member of GNA please visit


The ABCDs of CBD for Women

With CBD showing up in just about every consumer product these days – from cosmetics to bath balms to fizzy drinks – how can women know what works, what is good for them or where to find it?

“As with any decision about your health, it’s important to forget the hype and start with number
one – yourself,” advises Richard Carey, co-founder of Atlantic WeedBoard a new website that serves as a resource and community for all things cannabis and helps guide consumers through the wellness benefits and choices of CBD products, with engaging videos and interviews with experts.

Here are some tips from Atlantic WeedBoard on the ABCDs of CBD for women:

A stands for ALL ABOUT YOU. Whether you want to treat pain or stress, internal or external discomfort, choosing the best product depends on identifying the condition you want to treat and the kinds of medicine you are comfortable taking.

B means you need to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. How do you feel? Where does it hurt? What are you doing now to alleviate that discomfort? And after switching to a CBD regimen it’s important to listen to how your body responds, because there are variations in each person’s
endocannibinoid system – a group of cannabis-related chemicals produced throughout the body to help maintain health – and how CBD interacts with this important system to improve wellness.

C is to MAKE A COMMITMENT. The effects of CBD can be profound, but they are subtle. If you want to try CBD for any reason you need to commit to using it for at least a month. At the end of that period stop, look, listen, and see how you feel.

D is for DOSAGE. Since everyone’s system is unique, the best advice is to start low and go slow. Begin with a lower dosage and slowly increase the amount of CBD you’re consuming until you    achieve the desired effect.

“Women lead busy, active lives, juggling work and home, family and fitness. All that multitasking can lead to pain and stress,” adds Carey. “Whether she needs to calm anxiety, soothe sore muscles after a session of yoga or a day on her feet, ease the symptoms of menstrual cramps or menopause, or drift off to sleep more easily, CBD’s phytocannabinoids can help to reduce inflammation, pain, stress and anxiety.”

Atlantic WeedBoard recommends products from Sagely Naturals a women-owned CBD company founded in 2015. The Sagely Relief and Recovery Cream is packed with CBD, essential oils, and cooling menthol to help revive the body and combat discomfort; Sagely’s Tranquility capsules help promote a balanced mood and manage occasional stress with CBD, ashwagandha, magnolia bark, and lavender; and the Dreamwell Roll-on with CBD, lavender and geranium soothes the temples, and quiets the mind for sleep.

“The cannabis products from Sagely Naturals have been shown to alleviate pain and stress in a natural and non-toxic way,” says Carey. “They fit right in with the carefully curated items we sell on Atlantic WeedBoard, focusing on organically grown products where the source and quality are clearly defined.”

Atlantic WeedBoard (, is a newly-formed informational center specifically developed for the emerging cannabis industry. The site is presented in artistic graphics with a fun side to it featuring a boardwalk and Ferris wheel as its signature logo.   On a more serious note, Atlantic WeedBoard is a type of “Consumer Reports” of cannabis as it presents products for people and their pets, interviews with the top growers, curates independently tested legal products and offers anecdotal beauty, health and wellness advice for its users. For more information, visit


Back to Campus for College Kids and BTS for Boys; Top 10-15 Must Haves

When August hits,
it’s time to start thinking about getting ready to go back to school.

Everyone is covered for books, pencils and backpacks but what about wardrobe?
Brooklyn Cloth offers college kids and boys the top 10-15 must haves.

Color blocking, denim, bomber jackets, graphic tees, twill and knit jogger pants are on display for this back to school season at Brooklyn Cloth. Brooklyn Cloth is taking it back with a 90’s vibe. Color blocking looks including graphics and verbiage are becoming very popular additions because of their contrasting bright color coordinations and on-trend graphics, ranging from embroidered roses to embroidered phrases. Denim is a staple that never goes out of style. The look of denim has not changed much, but feels more like a jacket that you already have owned, with a worn-in distressed look. Twill and knit jogger pants are still the hottest items and in demand.

Brooklyn Cloth has cool pullover hoodies and bomber jackets with verbiage that scream “hustle” and “legend” because let’s face it, he will be a legend. The tops and jackets are versatile to keep it casual for a comfy look or to style it up. Either way, he’s dressed and ready before the bell rings.

Brooklyn Cloth focuses on the Gen-Z and Millennial consumer, someone who isn’t defined by style, but likely to mix high and low and dresses the way they feel that day. What makes the product unique is that Brooklyn Cloth designs from the textile level. Brooklyn Cloth works with yarn mills to produce their textiles that are exclusive to Brooklyn Cloth.

LULU’s Favorite


No limits! You’ll enjoy all-day wearing comfort with gently draping fabric that moves with you and won’t restrict your day (or night!) You need clothes that move with you and will keep up with your active lifestyle.

And are good looks too much to ask? Not from Brooklyn Cloth. This crew-neck cropped fleece sweater checks off all the right points.


Oh, so cozy, yet oh so light. You’ll wind up keeping this sherpa mock neck pullover where you can grab it at a moment’s notice.

Brooklyn Cloth pairs relaxed dropped shoulders and a generous cut with a short waist and extra-long sleeves for a fun, up-to-date top that keeps up with you.


The luxurious pile Sherpa fleece lets you shrug off chill in soft, snuggly comfort. Cuffs at your wrists and a half zipper in front keep drafts out, while the relaxed cut lets you layer a tee underneath.

These hoodies deliver. Light weight yet durable poly fleece resists pilling and offers unfussy care with lasting wear.

More about Brooklyn Cloth: 

Established in 2011, Brooklyn Cloth is a leader in on-trend apparel that enables our customers to express their individuality. We pull inspiration from across the globe, and in our backyard of New York City, to develop our bold collections. Brooklyn Cloth stands out for its unique fabrics, eye-catching graphics, and must-have silhouettes We observe trends that define today’s market to bring fresh, expressive collections to the table. In our oversaturated fashion landscape, we bring clarity and focus to help our customers reach their style needs. Icer Brands portfolio of brands, a leading design, wholesale & manufacturing company established in 1997. Icer Brands has the license to the NBA & NFL along with other Brooklyn Cloth, BKLYN athletics, BKLYN Surf, The Narrows, Wayside and Brooklyn Cloth Women’s.