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    How to Make Your Pet Feel Secure and Safe During the Up’s and Down’s of Anxious Times

    Times of transition and change can have a detrimental impact on an animal’s physical and emotional well-being if progressing stress is left unaddressed. But, thankfully, there are ways to settle and soothe stressed out dogs and cats and provide increased security during seasons of change (or, to continually protect and promote canine and feline well-being no matter what season you’re in). Thanks to technology there are now a number of ways to track your pet’s behavior from anywhere / to determine if there are warning signs that your animal is experiencing stress and/or a health problem. Today’s animal behavior monitors can detect problems with sleep, excess barking, and itching and shaking. All…

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    Down Dog Mat by Corc Yoga

    Corc Yoga is already well-known by chaturanga champions and yoga novices alike for their line of 100% plastic & chemical free yoga mats and accessories made with cork harvested in Portugal, a renewable resource that simultaneously revitalizes the practice and supports an environmentally viable future. And in honor of National Pet Day this Saturday, now our canine and feline companions can join in – introducing the Down Dog Mat by Corc Yoga! Fun fact: cork is a naturally antimicrobial material, meaning that the mats stay germ free (for real) no matter how many spills or muddy paw prints. At a high-alert time like this when we’re compulsively washing our hands, it’s nice to know that at least one thing is keeping us and…

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    KRISTINA KITSOS Aesthetic Injector , Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret!

    Website / Instagram / YouTube Kristina Kitsos is a world-renowned Aesthetic Injector and plastic surgery nurse sought after for her eye for detail and vast knowledge of aesthetic procedures. Specializing in injectables, minimally invasive anti-aging procedures, dermal fillers, laser and more. Kristina’s 15-years of hands-on experience makes her one of Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret. Results-oriented, Kristina is committed to providing patients with the most innovative procedures, advanced devices and non-surgical techniques such as the use of Mesoinjectikns for ‘glass skin’, Exosome Stem Cell Microneedling with PRP and PRF, and Thread Lifts. She is a trusted holistic skin expert known for her gentle approach that produces dramatic results. Kristina provides her patients with a 360 degree treatment approach, not only…

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    BENEFITS   A tear-free body and hair coconut & amino-acid based cleanser that now delivers our best hydrating and conditioning benefits while still efficiently cleansing. A quick-absorbing and ultra hydrating lotion that now boasts a boosted concentration of nourishing organic superfood oils and an added dose of soothing colloidal oatmeal. Deeply replenishes and comforts. Niko’s skin loves moisture and really soak it up! The wash suds up nicely and the lotion is just a dream. I love the massage oil as well to really give him the sunkissed look and a relaxing bedtime. The soft touch packaging is just beautiful and we had great fun testing out these products. The…

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    Shisiedo Ultimate Sun Protector Lotion SPF 50+ Sunscreen

    SynchroShield™ Technology   WetForce: Negative ions in the formula combine with positive ions in perspiration and water to create an additional layer of invisible sun protection. As you continue to sweat and get wet, the product becomes more effective.   HeatForce: A heat-sensing essence in the formula becomes activated by external heat, forming a stronger barrier. Provides elevated sun protection when it in the presence of heat or warm temperatures.   Ocean-Friendly   Oxybenzone and octinoxate-free Complies with Hawaii’s sunscreen regulations.   The SHISEIDO BLUE PROJECT has partnered with WSL PURE, the nonprofit arm of the World Surf League, and Kanoa Igarashi, one of the world’s top professional surfers, to promote respect…

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    Travel essentials for people who’ve thought of everything

    Travel essentials for people who’ve thought of everything   No matter how well prepared you think you are to hit the open road and travel in the footsteps of those who’ve been and seen and left positive reviews online, there’s always something that you forgot. You won’t know it until you arrive, of course. But it will happen. Nine times out of ten it’s a phone charger or adaptor. Sometimes it’s your favourite hat. Every now and again it’s your toothbrush. Whatever it is, you’ll kick yourself. We’re going to take a look at a couple of items you can take along that experienced travellers know to take on trips…

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