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    Pretty Nails with Little Lady Products

    We really miss seeing our friends during quarantine but there are fun ways to remind them that they are in our thoughts! Our little lady friend Lilah recently had surgery and we wanted to cheer her up with a little pick me up! Her mom is very product savvy and when we discovered a vegan nail product made for little girls, I knew she would love it! And she sure did! Hope you feel better soon little love ❤️ Little Lady offers quick-dry, long-lasting color formulated without seven major toxins found in traditional polish: Formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins, Toluene, Camphor, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP), and Xylene. Shop the Classic…

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    The Healthy and Yummy Salad Dressings You Need for Summer Salads

    What is the oil I consider as the best oil in the market? I will say avocado oil. Although I love coconut oil and olive oil as well, they have somehow more limited than avocado oil. Coconut oil usually has very strong coconut flavor, it good for certain things, but not for everything. How about olive oil? I love using olive oil for low-heat cooking, but for high-heat, I guess avocado oil is my first healthy choice. But actually no matter high-heat or low-heat, even for salad dressing, avocado oil is still one of the healthiest oil used for cooking. As summer is really here, I want to introduce you…

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