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    Timeless Skin Care Announces Partnership with TerraCycle

    Timeless Skin Care and TerraCycle are delighted to announce their partnership to create a national recycling program to further Timeless’ sustainability efforts. As one of the fastest growing skincare brands out of the U.S., Timeless Skin Care serves customers around the globe. The California-based skin care company launched the Recycling Envelope program on August 3rd across the United States, where Timeless serves over 220 000 unique customers a year. *The founder of Timeless Skin Care Veronica Pedersen (left) at the famous US TV-show; Modern Living with kathy ireland® CEO and Founder Veronica Pedersen says, “We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint through initiatives like Terracycle. Sustainability, along with clean, concise formulas,…

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    Dog Mom Calendar

    New from author and illustrator Isabel Serna comes Dog Mom: A Love Story (September 1, 2020; $12.95), a celebration of the unique bond between dog parent and pup with charming text and vibrant artwork. From sweet mottos: “The snuggle is real,” to silly puppy puns: “Pardon my Frenchie.” There are fun facts—did you know that just like human fingerprints, no two dogs’ noseprints are the same? And obvious signs that may indicate dog mom status, like planning out your pup’s Halloween outfit months in advance.Plus, it includes a colorful sheet of dog-themed stickers! Dog Mom is the perfect gift for the proud, self-proclaimed dog moms of the world! And here to help keep…

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    Three Paws’ New Family by Karen Struck

    NEW CHILDREN’S BOOK SHOWS THAT FAMILY COMES IN MANY DIFFERENT FORMS, AND OFTEN IT IS OUR DIFFERENCES THAT BECOME OUR STRENGTHS Following her delightful and beloved debut children’s book, Three Paws, author Karen Struck is back at it again with her latest release, Three Paws’ New Family [Page Publishing, March 2020]. Through gorgeous illustrations and a fun new cast of characters, Struck takes readers right back to the heart of the Alaskan wilderness for another adventure with Boots, her adorable three-pawed Grizzly bear and his new buddies. In Three Paws’ New Family, Boots befriends a black bear named Sockeye and her Mexican brother, Pepe, the iguana. Sockeye has lost her mother and is not old enough to live on her…

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    Today, Bumkins and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation – with support from 150 additional partners – announced the launch of Born This Way Foundation’s third annual #BeKind21 Campaign. As communities across the world face the trauma of a pandemic, the ongoing racial inequalities, and a host of global challenges, this campaign encourages everyone to build habits that promote wellness and cultivate kindness through action. From September 1st to September 21st, the campaign invites schools and colleges to kick off the new school year by establishing kinder habits, and for corporate partners, nonprofit partners, and all other participants to head into the fall with a spirit of compassion and kindness across their…

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    Old Trapper Introduces New Flavors of Its Shareable Big Bags of Deli-Style Beef Sticks

    Forest Grove, Ore. – 2020 Launch – In a market sphere where shrinking product size is the norm, Old Trapper is focusing on expanding its product offerings to further meet consumers’ desire for high quality product in large clear-view packages. The company recently launched two new flavors of its 15-ounce bags of Deli-StyleBeef Sticks. Jalapeno and Teriyaki seasoned are the latest options to come in the shareable bags. And because they are low in carbohydrates and sugars at only 2 grams of total carbohydrates with 9 grams of protein per serving, they represent a keto-friendly snack.  A December 2018 “Forbes” feature predicted, “You can expect to see more keto-friendly snack options and meals.” For those not in the know, “a keto diet…

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    October is National Fair Trade Month and November is National Vegan Month

    HOLIDAY LIP LINE  OTHER PRODUCTS INCLUDE:Mongo Kiss – the most popularBrazilian Vegan Lip tints – perfect for lips and cheeksHemp Lip Balm ECOLIXIR Facial Oils         OTHER HOLIDAY PRODUCTS Purist Balm Bundle ($13.99)Needing a curated gift idea or grab bag with products that don’t contain any scents or flavors? This bundle is perfect for those who are sensitive to flavors, essential oils or prefer lip balm to be pure and simple. The kit also includes an Eco Lips “Don’t Panic it’s Organic” Fair Trade Certified™ and Certified Organic Cotton canvas bag – perfect for storing your balms in a pack, on a plane or in your fanny pack.The Purist Bag Kit features: Unflavored Gold Lip Balm for extra hydration Unscented…

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