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    Gifts Fido & Kitty really want in their stockings

    Tomorrow is the first day of November, the holiday season officially started. If you haven’t made a list for the holiday shopping, seriously, you are running late. But no worries, we are always here to help you pick the best holiday gifts on the market, you can save the time to watch your favorite shows, and I spend time doing the gifting research. I made a lot of articles about what to get for our family, from parents to kiddos, but how about our best friends? We shouldn’t forget them in this sweet holiday gifting time. They make us happy, we make sure they are having a good life. CBD…

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    The Best Yoga Mat for Art Lovers

    Yoga mats are always one of the best holiday gift choices because people love receiving the gifts to encourage them to be more active and healthier in the new year. There are a tons of yoga mats in the market, but most of them can’t last so long. A good quality yoga mat can make you feel like doing yoga more often because you will just enjoy to be on that comfortable mat. Although comfortable and good quality are most important, it would be more awesome if the yoga mats look artistic and beautiful. Scoria mats are the yoga mats that combine the good quality with artistic designs perfectly. The…

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    Spark Your Rhythm with Tempo Beverages

    Do you have some days just feel tired for no reason? I do, we are human beings, we run out of energy sometimes. We need to have a rest, but we still need to work for a living. I want to introduce Tempo to make you a better day. Tempo is the beverage built to kickstart your creative mindset. Don’t stress about dosing and blending. Focus on what you do best. This better-for-you beverages that don’t fall flat on flavor. Tempo let the high quality ingredients do the talking –  no hiding behind artificial sweeteners or fake flavors. Tempo designs its recipes to go beyond CBD, pairing its cannabinoid extracts…

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    How to Avoid Foggy Eyeglasses When Wearing a Face Mask?

    Eyeglasses are fashion for some and a necessity for others. Either way, many of us have come to terms with eyeglasses being a part of our lives. Everything was fine, until masks happened. Now you have to make sure there are two items on your face that work together and do not cause hindrances while you go about your daily routine. But we all know that does not quite happen right. Why? Because of fogginess. The frustration from wiping the eyeglasses over and over gets to your head, like it or not. It’s even more infuriating for those who wear prescription eyeglasses since they cannot just take them off and…

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    Desert Harvest – Trusted by customers & healthcare providers for over 28 years!

    It is always important to use some products that we fully trusted, especially for skin cares and hair cares. I think time gives a brand the best test, just like our blog! We have been blogging over 12 years. Time flies and changes, but we are still the same, working hard to introduce our audiences the best and fun products, give the real reviews and encourage every reader a positive and happy life. As a wellness brand, Desert Harvest has helped to meet the overall health needs of the Interstitial Cystitis – Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS) community with their nutritional supplements and all-natural skin care since 1993. All their products…

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    Hi ladies, do you have the experiences that when you are busy with yoga classes, house cleaning and girls’ virtual dates, you find your husbands are doing nothing there. What they enjoy seem are just to watch shows and play video games. Well, I have to say, guys are like that, what can we do. I guess, we should let them to fix something! Geekey is a tool like no other. This is definitely something you look for to gift your man to make him feeling powerful and look for some tasks to complete. This new go-to tool adds ease for all those moments when he finds himself in a…

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