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    Wrapped The Best Feng Shui into Your Holiday Gift Box

    Time to introduce some gift ideas for him. I know it is always painful to look for gifts for guys. I am sorry to say that, but it is the truth that men need much less things than women. But no matter men or women, a gift with nice spirit always a good idea. Karma and Luck is a spirit-centered modern lifestyle collection of jewelry and home decor inspired by the timeless traditions of eastern cultures, crafted with powerful gemstones, crystals and symbols to awaken deeper awareness and help you manifest your dreams. TRUTH WISDOM WRAP BRACELET Lapis Lazuli promotes wisdom, good judgement, and problem solving. It is also known to stimulate intellectual ability and enhance the desire for understanding, knowledge,…

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    Viteyes® Blue Light Defender™

    From e-learning to remote working throughout the pandemic and now with virtual back-to-school, screen time is once again skyrocketing. Digital screens emit high-energy blue light which can negatively impact long-term eye health. Constant near focus on digital screens causes the eyes to become overworked leading to headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, eye strain, and eye fatigue.  We are so reliant on screens that it’s hard to get away from them! Using this supplement for the past 2 months has really made a huge difference. My eyes are not hurting at much and I am rubbing them less. When your eyes are tired, you automatically feel sleepy! According to The Washington Post,…

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