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    How About A Meatless Monday After Thanksgiving’s Feast?

    Hope everyone had a happy and sweet Thanksgiving! Also hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving meal. If you are like me, still feeling the turkey feast in the stomach and not feeling like to eat anything. No worries, I know, it’s the time to have several days to eat meatless meals. How about doing a Meatless Monday together? You can indulge in a fine-dining, award-winning meal without leaving your home after a tiring holiday. Skipping preparing the meals by yourself, you deserve to have a relaxed and delicious & healthy meatless meal. Cafe Spice is now available through Amazon Fresh! Escape your mundane go-to meals and take your taste buds on an adventure. Cafe Spice’s plant…

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    The Most Essential Ingredient to Wellness = Water

    November is National Healthy Skin Month, a time to refocus on how we can keep our body’s largest organ healthy! The skin is made up of cells, which are made up of water. Simply put, without proper hydration these cells cannot function at their best, resulting in dry, tight and flaky skin that is prone to wrinkling. Maximizing hydration has the potential to reduce wrinkling and puffiness, improve complexion, and tighten skin. Drinking water can increase energy, relieve fatigue, promote weight loss, flush out toxins, improve complexion, and aid in digestion. We could go on, but for now we’ll just say that good water is essential to your health and fitness. 9.5+ pH alkaline water Perfect Hydration (pH) was designed…

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    Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes from Primal Kitchen

    Whether you entertained many at a big family affair, friendsgiving, or neighborhood potluck, or you kept it more intimate and close to home this year, Thanksgiving leftovers happen. If you loosened the belt buckle a few notches or premeditated a few extra servings and you wore your Thanksgiving pants to dinner (remember Joey’s super stretchy sweatpants on Friends?), then you may not be in the mood to heat-and-eat the exact same leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner the next day or two. You can pile a little bit of all of the savory leftovers into a wrap or sandwich, or stuff it into a casserole dish with a little extra gravy and a prayer that…

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