Posts Written On January 20, 2021

Goliath Games Learn through play – New Games: Banana Blast and Dragon Snacks


  • Learning how to take turns – in games and life – helping them to have a higher sense of respect for their peers.


  • Understanding loss and not being a sore loser, thus developing empathy and heightened social skills.


  • Planning ahead, detecting patterns, and predicting the outcome of certain moves. Translating into a better understanding of working towards their goals and how to achieve them.


  • Feeling motivated and spending valuable time with their family and friends.

Banana Blast and Dragon Snacks.

Image Image

Uh-oh, this playful baby dragon has greedily snacked on all of the treasure!

This easy to learn the magical game is quick to play and helps with color recognition and memory skills.

Wave your hand to magically reveal the treasure in his belly and get a colorful clue from his glowing nose horn. Remember where the matching-colored treasure is, and then reach inside the dragon’s mouth to carefully snatch it from his belly. Be the first to successfully collect 3 treasures to win!


Swing into fun with Banana Blast, a game of mounting excitement, reflexes, and hand-to-eye coordination!

Roll the die to see how many bananas you get to pick from the treetop. One of the bananas will make Banana Joe jump, but it’s a different banana every time. If the monkey jumps, all the players must try to catch him before he hits the ground.

The player who catches Banana Joe gets a bonus! Then players count their bananas to see who has the most to win.

  • Keeps kids engaged because every player gets a chance to catch the monkey
  • For 2-5 players, ages 4 and up



Pop the Pig Game by Goliath Toys

Parents are always looking for innovative ways they can spend screen-free time with their kids while staying safely at home. Since you’re the expert here, I don’t need to tell you twice.

Let’s help parents throw a burger party together! They simply need the ingredients for a household favorite – burgers and fries – plus Pop the Pig.

Getting kids involved in the creation of simple snacks and meals is a delightful way to have fun and broaden everyday skills – such as how to safely spend their time in the kitchen and ways to use kitchen tools responsibly.

Did you know that Pop the Pig is one of Chrissy Teigen’s favorite preschool games?


Pop the Pig is an international preschool classic that is adored by millions of children – it’s a top-selling preschool game according to data collected by NPD.

Kids spin the spinner, pop a hamburger into the pig’s mouth and push down on his head. The more they pump, the more his belly grows until . . . pop! Kids love the suspense as they watch his belly grow; the player who makes his belly burst wins the game.

Children can quickly reset the game with one pump of the pig’s head and experience consistent belly-busting gameplay every time. Pop the Pig provides hours of fun and is completely kid powered (no batteries needed).

  • Players take turns rolling the die, feeding the pig, and pushing down on his head
  • Teaches numbers, colors, and counting
  • For 2-6 players, ages 4 and up


Pop the Pig is the top-selling preschool game with over 200 million views on YouTube! Influencers and celebrities alike love it.


EYE AM OUTSTANDING Liquid Eyeliner and EYE AM BEAUTIFUL Mascara launch with 20% of proceeds donated to the LGBT Center.

It’s never too late to set some personal goals for the year! Or let’s be realistic-for the month. Dream Big in 2021 because the only limit that exists is when you limit yourself! RealHer Cosmetics, the indie brand that beauty gurus are gushing about, is launching their first mascara and liquid eyeliner. Keeping with the brand’s theme, they have named both products with positive affirmations to empower your day. The brand, who previously donated 20% of every purchase to AAUW, will partner with the LGBT Center of Orange County during the month of June. In support of LGBT Pride Month, 20% of all mascara and eyeliner proceeds purchased on their website will be donated.

Beauty Guru Craig is wearing the newly launched Eye Am Beautiful Mascara and Eye Am OUTstanding Liquid Eyeliner in this Havana Nights inspired look. (PRNewsfoto/RealHer INC.)

Beauty Guru Craig is wearing the newly launched Eye Am Beautiful Mascara and Eye Am OUTstanding Liquid Eyeliner in this Havana Nights inspired look.

Eye Am Beautiful Mascara (PRNewsfoto/RealHer INC.)

Eye Am OUTstanding – Longwear, waterproof, and smudge-proof liquid eyeliner. This formula is vegan, certified cruelty-free and paraben free.

Eye Am Beautiful – High volume mascara infused with ingredients for thicker & stronger lashes. Certified cruelty-free and paraben free formula.

This brow pencil was launched last November and has gotten so many raving reviews. At first, RealHer only launched a medium shade. After just a couple of months, they received enormous requests for additional shades. Of course, RealHer listened and happily delivered.

Check out some of the top 5 star ratings:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’ve used all of the big name brands and I have to say this one is superior to all”.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “best brow pencil and i have tried them ALL. This doesn’t smudge at all, lasts all day even without brow gel. You can make it darker by pushing harder if needed. Try it, you will be hooked”.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I have gotten asked where I got my microblading done while wearing this, that speaks volumes”.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “My brows are sparse and need a lot of TLC. This was smudge proof, sweat proof and lasted long hours”.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “It is my new favorite eyebrow pencil & half the cost of the one I normally use. My brows are on point every day. Goes on easy, the color is spot on for me. I recommend this to all”.

This long-lasting, micro-tip pencil allows you to create individual-like hairs for a subtle or bold brow look. Its creamy wax-based formulation glides beautifully and naturally on skin. This waterproof pencil is stress-free to help you through any challenges you face in life. Pair with a light coat of “Eye Am Beautiful” mascara, and a nude hue of the REALHER lip gloss in your shade for a subtle, no make-up look.

REALHER‘s mission has always been to empower people through their inspiring makeup products, giving back, and volunteering. When the opportunity came to work with the GEANCO Foundation a year ago, RealHer knew they had to develop an innovative way to raise awareness. Through the GEANCO Foundation, the girls in Nigeria hand-crafted a variety of unique artwork. For a contribution as little as $1, you can choose a digital image to print on a tote, shirt, mousepad, or use as a screensaver. Help make a difference by donating and sharing. Visit

About RealHer Products, Inc: RealHer cosmetics was founded in 2015 after the birth of founder Bill Xiang’s daughter, “I felt like I had a rebirth of myself after my daughter’s birth.” Created with a mission to inspire and empower, RealHer is a brand built on positive affirmations and giving back to the community.

About LGBTQ Orange County Center: At the LGBT Center OC, all members and allies of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community of Orange County join together in a network of support and unity. Our life-affirming programs focus on empowerment, and our advocacy efforts focus on speaking out against hate and discrimination. We exist so that every segment of the LGBT population of Orange County has the resources needed to thrive in their own lives and communities. Find more about the center by going to