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Celebrate National Fish Taco Day at Rubio’s with a $6 Coastal Trio Plate: Sunday, Jan. 24 & Monday, Jan. 25

Enjoy one of Rubio’s most popular dishes on National Fish Taco Day, with the Coastal Trio® for $6 on Sunday, January 24 & Monday, January 25The Coastal Trio features three favorite tacos, including the Original Fish Taco®, the Wild-Caught Mahi Mahi Taco and the Salsa Verde Shrimp Taco.

Simply enter coupon code COASTALTRIO21 at checkout when you order in the app or at, or scan the coupon ( at any of Rubio’s participating locations.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill has been credited with pioneering the fish taco phenomenon in the U.S. Today, Rubio’s menu has expanded to include a variety of grilled seafood including responsibly sourced shrimp, wild-caught Alaska salmon and pollock, and wild-caught mahi mahi, and features bold, unique flavors in tacos, burritos, bowls and salads. Rubio’s encourages guests to eat seafood twice a week to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, based on the American Heart Association’s recommendation.

Guests are encouraged to order ahead through the Rubio’s app and Rubio’s offers contact-free curbside or express pickup and free delivery on all orders of $20 or more. For more information about Rubio’s Coastal Grill and to view the menu visit Rubio’sFacebook and Instagram.

About Rubio’s® Restaurants:

Rubio’s first opened in 1983, in the San Diego neighborhood of Mission Bay. Today, Rubio’s uses responsibly sourced seafood and continues to expand its menu with innovative recipes ranging from seafood tacos and burritos to California Bowls and crisp, fresh salads. In addition, Rubio’s offers all-natural chicken, raised without antibiotics, and all-natural USDA Choice steak, “no fried” pinto beans, handmade guacamole, a variety of proprietary salsas, and craft beer beverage options. The award-winning restaurant regularly receives accolades for its famous Original Fish Taco®. It was also recently ranked as one of Fast Casual’s “Top 50 Movers and Shakers” as well as one of the top five most loved fast casual chains ranked by Foodable Labs and Digital CoCo. Rubio’s is headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., and currently operates restaurants in California, Arizona and Nevada.


Get Ready for The Upcoming Valentine’s Season with This Cuddly Plush Toy! 

Valentine’s Day is coming! Do you know it would be so fun if you can gift your princess and your little ones the matching toys? Why not? For me, as a girl, I love plush toys forever no matter how old am I. A super cute plush toy is definitely a sweet and warm gift for your princess. Please don’t forget to get a match one for you little princess. Surprise your ladies with Kalencom’s plush toys in this Valentine’s Day.

How cute they are! They are super soft, with sweet and cute colors. Every time I see them, they just bring the natural smiles on my face. But if your lady is not like me to love plush toys. These super cute toys are great gift for your babies or baby showers. They are inseparable friends to discover the world with, cuddle, and share many adventures with. These lovable plush toys will provide security and comfort for your children. A safe, soft, long-limbed toy that your children will love to play with each and every day!

Kalencom special crinkle paper makes a crackle sound that will delight and entertain your little ones, while the soft 100% polyester exterior is safe to snuggle with. The long narrow limbs are just the right size for small hands to hold.


For over 50 years, Kalencom has been a family owned business providing the world’s best products at fair prices. Kalencom is a diverse company that has steadily grown from its foundation of being the originators of easy to clean diaper bags. Kalencom now proudly manufacturers private label, custom sewn, and specialty products for some of America’s largest retailers.

Kalencom has multiple manufacturing plants ranging from injection molded plastics to soft-sided goods. In the past decade, Kalencom has expanded  to lifestyle products as well as an exclusive distribution of European products in the USA. Kalencom has their own private warehouse and distribution facilities capable of meeting the specific requirements of the customers and providing the best service possible.




 Get New Mexico’s Hot Springs Right in Your Bathtub

Clear Light Urban Farm Store at 123 Broadway Blvd SE in Albuquerque has packaged the minerals and salts found in New Mexico’s hot springs and sells a four cup bag for $29.99. For thousands of years local have soaked in the “healing waters” and travelers have visited to enhance mind, body and spirit.

“We are always looking for ways to share something special about New Mexico,” said store co-owner Keith Allen West.

Enjoy the traditional New Mexico Ojo Caliente, Jemez or Truth or Consequences Hot Springs experience at Home for a 15-minute detox for body, skin, and soul. The geothermal source water is rich in calcium, magnesium, lithium, potassium, iron, silica and several other minerals, and offers a variety of benefits as these minerals are absorbed through the skin during soaking.

Ojo Caliente New Mexico Hot Springs at Home with Cedar
Ojo Caliente New Mexico Hot Springs at Home with Cedar
$29.99 – $999.00
The water for the springs in Jemez, NM originates from deep beneath the Valles Caldera National Preserve about 17 miles up the mountain. Ancient sea water was trapped there long ago, infused with many minerals over eons of time.

A once a week ritual will reset your own body biological clock and provide a restful path for complete energy restore on a cellular level.

New Mexico Hot Springs bath crystals with ALL NATURAL magnesium, lithia, iron, soda and more just like a visit to the Hot Springs around the town of Ojo Caliente.

  • Lithia water is believed to relieve depression and aid digestion.
  • A Native American legend tells that the giant rock in the Iron Pool guards the place where the ancient people of the mesa once received food and water during times of famine. Iron is considered to be beneficial to the blood and immune system.
  • Water from the Soda Spring has been used to relieve digestive problems.
  • Arsenic water is believed to be beneficial for relief from arthritis, stomach ulcers and to heal a variety of skin conditions.

“We’ve added our Cedar Essence for a truly refreshing bath. It has a fresh balsamic, aromatic fragrance with piney nuances. A green woody balsamic fragrance with a sweetish undertone. It finishes with a punchy, brightness that is really pleasing,” said West.

Ojo Caliente is the most popular hot spring in New Mexico. It is a small unincorporated community in Taos County, New Mexico, United States. It lies along U.S. Route 285 near the Rio Grande between Española and Taos, approximately 50 miles north of Santa Fe, the state capital. Ojo Caliente is known for its ancient hot springs.

Directions: Add a cup to running warm bath water. Soak & Enjoy!

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Magnesium chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, New Mexico Red Clay (Minerals), Lithium, Calcium, Cedar Essence, Potassium, Iron, Silica, Sulfate, Bicarbonate, Sodium, Zinc, Copper, Silver, Citric Acid.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

About Clear Light

New Mexico speaks through the buzz of bees, the hubbub of the farmer’s market, the desert wind blowing through cedar branches. A feast for the senses awaits. Clear light is New Mexico.

In 1971 CLEAR LIGHT laid its roots on the high desert nestled between the Rio Grande River and the Sandia Mountains. Inspired by the area’s electric energy, we set out to create products that reflect life here: vibrant, enchanted, and defined by nature.


The Clear Light Urban Farm Store started out as just the entryway to our historic downtown Albuquerque building, back when there was only our small skincare spa. Now the Farm Urban Store has grown into a beautiful retail space inside the renovated, historic 9,000 square foot former Danfelser School of Music built in 1940.

The ultimate in eco-friendly, the building is solar powered and has a catchment system to harvest rainwater to irrigate our farm. It represents our wonderful corner of East Downtown with a curation of artisan products ranging from our cedar apothecary line and our New Mexico TRUE Foods line with Native American potery, local ceramics, books and housewares.


We formulate our Clear Light essences by distilling and extracting fragrance from cedar needles, wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, and tree trimmings that we harvest from nature. We are building new fragrance profiles from the American Southwest. Our company is built on the simple idea that nothing smells better than nature and that the only way to bring this beauty home is to strap on your hiking boots and go get it. Unlike synthetic fragrances, these wilderness essences are extracted from real, native-plant sources.


These ingredients have been used in the region for thousands of years as it was part of the trade route connecting the Americas with the rest of the world. We infuse this historic knowledge into our artisanal products using innovative practices that combine the best of the past and the present.


All Clear Light products are 100% Natural, Organic and Wildcrafted. They are produced using old perfume making techniques including distillation, tincturing, infusion and enfleurage. We handle every step of the process ourselves, from beginning to end.


All of our plants are wildharvested or grown on our urban farm with the utmost sensitivity and respect for the existing wildscape. We never use alien or invasive species and are actively involved in native plant restoration projects throughout the Southwest. We revel in the intact natural habitats of the southwest, and tirelessly work to promote education as to how best to protect them.

What is Clear Light?

You come to realize, then, that the purified, clarified personality, which is what I call the supreme person, is just a clarity. You experience yourself as the clarity. It’s not just that your mind is clear; all of you is a clarity, an absolute openness and clarity, completely light. When all the impurities go, you remain as a lightness, an openness. But this is a personal openness, a person who is freedom. You are not a free person, you are a person who is the freedom. It is complete personal freedom. As the past is digested and eliminated, that personal freedom remains as the freedom of the personal Supreme, or the eternal person. You are a transparent personal form of pure presence, a body of clear light.